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Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Pro Gay Message Controversy

Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Pro Gay Message Controversy *SUBSCRIBE* for more great videos! Click “Like” “Favorite” and sound off in the comments. Mark Dice is a media analyst, author, and…

24 Responses to “Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Pro Gay Message Controversy”

  1. nuggz503 says:

    Nuke America now!

  2. Dood Bro says:

    You make some good points on things, but your stupid, far-right, christian
    mind is annoying as all fucking hell. Shut up you idiot, people take it in
    the ass. Get over it, you obviously can’t seem to block it out of your mind
    if bothers you so much like it does me.

  3. oxygeninterface says:

    well… the supreme court is expected to legalize sodomy this summer; so
    this is really no surprise.

  4. CL44060 says:

    kravits is NOT “strategic cover. he represents the new favored interracial
    couple seen everywhere, black guy, white girl. just turn on the tv. You
    cannot make ligers unless the lion is male and the tiger is female. Perry
    has the tiger, riding the lion. It’s not only promoting bisexuality, it’s

  5. AlPhAbEt says:

    Mark must be doing something right, look at those dislikes.

  6. ufoimtc says:

    America stinks like shit and is being flushed down the toilet by perverts
    obsessed with there buttholes who scream that they are normal.

  7. nevergud enuff says:

    one thing I don’t get , most people watching the superbowl are die hard
    football fans more old than young, why would they do a Katy Perry bee bop
    show instead of someone more Adult with more Adult style music , who the
    hell picks the halftime singers?? 12 yr olds???? my whole family thinks
    she stinks! 

  8. Pitsa Puma says:

    You’re calling everone else brainwashed when YOU are the one brainwashed by
    christianity… you are a homophobe so just shut the hell up.

  9. Frédéric Laroze says:

    There is no such thing as a gay “agenda”. Unless if you consider demanding
    equal rights an agenda. Your view point, Mark, is general derived from a
    lack of understanding of a minority group and a lack of exposure to a
    minority group, specifically if don’t you have close friends or family who
    are part of the minority. You have no idea how difficult life is for the
    LGBT community, people commit suicide due to bullying. Rather than
    producing your verbal shit why don’t you take the time to hear people’s
    stories and get to know their hardships. And if you still don’t understand
    then walk hand in hand with a man in public and see how you feel. I’m sure
    that you are a good person so please don’t contribute towards hatred.

  10. Ian Mcphaden says:

    Repeat repeat. …..
    It doesn’t matter if this was pro equal rights or pro gay. If you’re
    offended by the halftime show…..should have turned it off!
    Clearly Marks enjoyed it as watched it a number of times lol

  11. David Beecroft says:

    Homosexuality seems to empower men and take power away from feminists and
    tradcom women in general. In our society which is anti-male seems served
    with gays who are apathetic toward women in general. I’m not gay, but I’ve
    got no hate for them, and I love how they turn female entitlement and
    “equal” rights into “make yourself useful or go away”. So, anyway, from a
    straight-man’s POV, gay men empower me both to women and society in a world
    that hates straight, white men. I don’t get all the hate for the gays.

  12. The Reckoning says:

    Bisexuel people should keep their homo acts on the other side of the fence.
    Stop bringing aids over to the straight side. The sexuel immoral are the
    number one threat to the true family unit… all homosexuels are pedos

  13. notreconstructed says:

    The dislikes are the humans who it is too late to teach and there mind is
    too far gone. 

  14. alice cooper says:

    Christians aren’t brainwashed everyone else is homosexuality is an
    abomination to God

  15. 8Anya8 says:

    The fact that a noodle like Mark Dice can score an audience on you tube
    does not make him right or intelligent, rather it just means that there are
    scores of other off the wall noodle heads that see illuminati, the devil,
    homosexuality overtones in every orifice that they so desperately peer
    Just look at all the other tards on you tube who are also bastard children
    of the westboro Baptist church making like videos and claiming to be so
    insightful. x-p

  16. Mo D says:

    Give me a fucking break.

    You nutjobs were all saying Perry was going to perform a Satanic ritual at
    the Superbowl…..SHE DIDN’T!!!

    …So now you’re just going to tie yourself up in knots over gay people.


  17. lbnycity89 says:

    Whateva if them motha fuckas wanna be gay, let em be gay. Im not gay so
    thats not my problem.

  18. Elihu Gideon says:

    I give her some credit. It could have been a lot more retarded than it
    actually was.

  19. ryan morrell says:

    So Mark you think its ok to call all americans dumb? You said we have the
    attention span of what? I cant remember, i just know it was mean. Your a
    Katy Perry was terrible, she was lathargic, boring, ugly,stupid and cant
    sing well. Who says come on superbowl, get loud superbowl! Superbowl isnt a
    person or a group of people, its an event! She should have been saying get
    loud…people or Phoenix even Arizona, not superbowl. Ugh that was the
    worst performance i have ever seen,EVER!

  20. Ryan Freeman says:

    Hey mark I love your Chanel but some of the content you produce is not
    logical to me .but what is your problem with gay people. ( iam not gay) but
    isn’t it a racist act that you are doing here ,or what are you trying to
    say in this video . 

  21. carmello12 says:

    Mark you give these marketers way too much credit in thinking it is all a
    disguised gay / bisexual agenda and that they will make it tolerable for
    tenure bops to accept the message. Only the conservatives and those that
    understand the illuminati can interpret the hidden message. Lets be honest.
    Katy is there only to make a buck, sing songs that many are entertained by
    and package it all in 15 minutes or less.

    The gays have been around since 1 AD and most likely before. So what. They
    can live their life just like you can. Its only been 40 years or so that
    gays can be who they are in USA Society without too many civil issues and
    hate crimes. Im glad that society is growing up to accept people how they
    are. People want live and and be happy and not marginalized and placed in
    little box categorizes. Its not the 50s or 60s conservatism anymore.

    Are you not entertained??

  22. Ben John says:

    She’s not a stripper nor she is trashy. She’s not Kesha Mark. Showing some
    cleavage or kissing a girl is not going to undo our society.

  23. Chris Kavanagh says:

    These pop singers like Perry, need to quit worshiping Satan, and start
    worshiping Auto-Tune. Without, they have no career, unless it’s porn.

  24. John Rivera says:

    If y’all hate Katy Perry so much then how come you watched the halftime
    show??? It’s dumb of you all to say she sucked and hate on her when you
    just supported her (whether you like it or not) by watching the halftime
    show in the first place.

    I don’t recall anyone saying a gun was pointed to their heads with someone
    forcing them against their will to watch so honestly it you don’t like Katy
    Perry you could have oh idk maybe not watched the show in the first place
    and changed the channel until she was done? Gee you probably could have
    figured that one out yourself.


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