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Indiana’s Religious Freedom Czar Defends Its Anti-Gay Law – CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: Don Beederman is an expert on the insidious gay agenda–he’s been studying their pornography for years. More CONAN @ Team Coco is the official …

25 Responses to “Indiana’s Religious Freedom Czar Defends Its Anti-Gay Law – CONAN on TBS”

  1. Barack Osama says:

    Incoming keyboard politicians….

  2. Liam Arnold says:

    I like Conan even more now

  3. Goshous says:

    The funny thing is, there isn’t a single known religion that warrants
    denying a homosexual the ability to work or receive service.

    It’s all bullshit to sooth the homophobe’s whim.

  4. Chris S. says:

    Law passed based on religous bias? Im pretty sure this is a serious
    violation of separation of church and state. I am a christian but how can
    these people call themselves Christian(followers of Jesus) when Jesus
    himself never said anything bad about homosexuality? Not only that its not
    even in the 10 commandments. They shouldnt be allowed to be called
    Christians, they should be called Biblians instead. Because they apparently
    follow the authors of other books of the bible more so than the testament
    and teachings of Jesus himself. Im sure satan’s own westburo baptist church
    is collectively circle jerking each other off right now.

  5. Simz Murth says:

    My religion says to kill bigots. I want to exercise my religious freedom.

  6. Chaney Houk says:

    Sadly I live in Indiana…

  7. Dark Western says:

    I guess “separation of church and state” no longer exists…

  8. Brendan Brady says:

    Businesses provide a public service. To deny that of homosexuals or any
    group undermines commerce and relegates those being discriminated against
    to second class citizen status.

  9. GamingDoneProperly GDP says:

    This whole world is going to hell.

  10. Wild Child says:

    Indiana is also where the KKK originated. Is there anyone that Indiana
    doesn’t hate?

  11. thedriftkingdogman says:

    so americans lost their ability to do those things to black people so they
    just found a new target? interesting truly the land of the “free” and the
    home of the “brave”

  12. -Soban- says:

    I really hope everyone in the comments understands, there are Smart
    Religious people, and Dumb religious people. This is an example of Dumb
    Religious people. I know plenty of Religious people who could care less of
    someone was gay or not. They keep it to themselves..

  13. kerafill1116 says:

    I’m really curious now, is that a real American politician or just an
    actor? Lol.
    FYI, I don’t live in the US.

  14. Graham Becker says:

    So now if you’re christian you can be a homophobe?
    Good Job USA –
    0 steps forward and another 2 back…

  15. Shreya Nirukurti says:

    People get so butthurt easily over the Internet. XD

  16. Cherry Pauper says:

    This video was obviously made to push the gay agenda. I will now harden my
    penis and use it as a weapon to ward off homos in the upcoming

  17. Emma Tiia says:

    Best Conan clip I’ve seen in a while. This deserves to go viral.

  18. Sakuragi Rokurouta says:

    There was a time when people like me (Chinese or half-Chinese) weren’t
    allowed into public places in the USA. There was a time in US history when
    black children weren’t allowed to sit in the same classroom as white
    children. Today we look back at those lawmakers, and we condemn and laugh
    at them. Tomorrow, it’ll be our children laughing at the Christians we have

  19. Alex May says:

    My religion says, bathe in chocolate everyday while listening to Luther

  20. Baville says:

    Ah, America… where you can defend the gays *and* insult them at the same

  21. Roger B says:

    I wanted to watch this just for Chris Parnell!!!!!

  22. Ngul Min Thang says:

    Christians have the right to defend their faith. This Bill isn’t Anti
    anything. There has been lots of lawsuits against Christian businesses and
    Establishments for refusing to serve LGBT customers. This bill is meant to
    protect Christians from lawsuits filed by those LGBT people.

  23. M AL says:

    Lets just all blame Islam and move on

  24. Flick says:

    I’ve never been prouder to be an Indiana resident…

    I’ve been following the news about this law and I think the only way it can
    feel remotely close to appropriate is if Pence slicks back his hair, puts
    on some black horn rim glasses and a skinny tie, and starts broadcasting in
    fuzzy black and white. This IS 2015, right? Did I hit a warp in the space
    time continuum or something?

  25. Son Goku says:

    I’m starting to think that Don Beederman is gay.


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