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In Gay Aliens We Trust (Cards Against Humanity w/ Friends)

Can you think of a sentence with a blank in it? Now think of the worst possible word that can go in the sentence..That’s Cards against humanity. Enjoy the Political Incorrectness! Leave a Rating…

25 Responses to “In Gay Aliens We Trust (Cards Against Humanity w/ Friends)”

  1. ninja babe says:

    Well….smack my butt and call me cowboy I’ve never been this early!!!

  2. CriousGamers says:
  3. AlmostSeriousGamers says:

    You better fucking trust me chilled oh wait I am not a alien never mind
    don’t trust me….also where the fuck is shaun?

  4. Bran Andr says:

    Aliens in america confirmed? America is illuminati confirmed?

  5. Matthew Copper says:

    ASSASSINS CREED FLAG IN THE BACKGROUND!!! OMG xD Chilled I somehow love you
    even more!!!

  6. christopher leong says:

    1 mill hype hes so close

  7. Tyler Dembinsky says:

    With the Stinky Pinky and Gay Aliens, I thought you were implying a gay
    version of ET.

  8. Kendon curtis says:

    This is a question to chilled not the Internet so don’t be upset. Chilled
    why can’t you make fun of atheists just once in one of these videos or any
    video I love you man like a friend or better yet brother oops little too
    clingy well stick with friends and add a “no homo bro” just to cover my
    back. Anyway just once please make fun of atheists it’s always us
    Christians and sometimes Muslims with a little Jew sprinkled on top just
    please for me? *makes puppy dog eyes

  9. StormShaun says:

    This takes anal probing to a whole *other* level.
    … and rule 34 … …
    … aaaaand prolapsed anuses.

  10. The Mexitroll says:

    Do you have a picture of your icon on the wall?

  11. Dayton Jensen says:

    I think your flashlight is haunted

  12. Jake radomsky says:

    I find it funny because a woman actually jerked off a dolphin for
    Science (she then proceeded to have sex with said dolphin) 

  13. griffin taylor says:

    who is the worst youtuber?

  14. TheTruGammer says:

    The whole ‘In Gay Aliens We Trust’ card really put a new spin old Chilled’s
    Homosexual Tendencies.
    Though, I’m not surprised at all.

  15. Julius traitor says:

    He didn’t even blow MechaHitler!!!!! MechaHitler wins everything

  16. Aried der Byrd says:

    Giant Mechanical Bird with a tragic back story….
    I smell a Clockwork reference.

  17. Maxwell Williams says:

    “I get my white people mixed up.”
    -gaLm 2015

  18. TheMcgreary says:

    isn’t “a giant mechanical birdwith a tragic backstory” basically the plot
    of sly 2


    Anyone else thinking that the giant mechanical bird with a tragic back
    story referencing clockwork?

  20. TheWrathoFTerrowin says:

    DAMNIT CHILLED!!! YOU COULD HAVE CHOSEN “not giving a shit about the third
    world” AS ONE OF SUPERMANS’S WEAKNESSES!!!!111!1!ONE. I mean have you ever
    seen superman help starving children from Africa? HELL NO.

  21. MikesGamingNetwork says:

    Chilled we must know, what is the flashing light under your door?

  22. AnEaglesGame says:

    Supermans’s other lesser-known weakness is a Stinky pinky. You’re gonna
    need a bigger Stinky pinky.

  23. Inestrix says:

    Now Chilled even has feelings for aliens, damn bro, you’re going wild.

  24. Colin Lam says:

    I dont rlly get the cooler full of organs…

  25. Thenoble117 says:

    Fun fact super and real lesser known weakness is magic 


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