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Please don’t take offence, I don’t actually want to suck off Jesus. I mean no disrespect. ▻Give it a “LIKE” If you enjoyed it, I like to know! :D Click Here To Subscribe! ▻ http://www.youtub…

25 Responses to “I’M GAY FOR JESUS – CHURCH PRANK”

  1. AsKaGangsta says:

    good to see u back in your groove bro :)

  2. Captain Levi says:

    I love max more than I love eren 

  3. derKichi says:

    Dunno why but I want the old intro back. My name is maxmoefoe and your
    watchin my fuckin video :D

  4. HeyShaded says:

    I feel so bad for the pastor, did he know it was a prank at the end? :(

  5. Sebastiaan Hulst says:

    How many synonyms do you have for penis/masterbation, its getting
    ridiculous how many different names you have found for it.

  6. Tsa Fack says:

    Jesus was a cunt, fuck him.



  8. MrJacksonik says:

    this would be a lot more funnier if that religious guy shut up about sins
    and stuff,

    Also shows that christens are homophobs :p

  9. Daniel Lambert says:

    Lol all that bullshit haha go fuck yourself Christian church

  10. The YouTube Dictator says:

    If wanking is a sin I’m going beyond hell

  11. AccidentalBassDrop says:

    In all seriousness though, this shows how closed-minded heavily religious
    people like pastors are. I’m prepped for hate, but as an atheist, I always
    feel like the open-minded, accepting guy. And no, I’m not gay. Beliefs
    aside, he was a dick to hang up on you for your characters’ homosexual

    Great video though Max, glad to see you got your shit together haha

  12. maxmoefoe says:

    A lot of you seem to not know that I actually started uploading again last


  13. Skintel N.Keychain says:

    “i sent gays to fix over population.
    and boy thit that go well”
    XD yay! i love that guy.
    no pun intended. -.-

  14. DeAtHaToMiC88 says:

    lmao, ah man.. i dont know who to feel more sorry for.. the people who are
    discriminated against for being a certain sexuality or the vicar for
    thinking that the profession he devoted his life around is complete
    bullshit. just for numerical sake, im going to say the millions of people
    who are treated poorly and treated in a totally incomprehensible way just
    because they don’t fit in with the ideology of a book that was written over
    2000 years ago and has no scientific or moral or human justification for
    preaching hatred and specifically (in this case) the anti gay thoughts
    about the world.

  15. maxmoefoe says:

    P.S I don’t give a shit either way about MLP, I just throw stuff like that
    in there to stir up the comment section. I have no strong opinion one way
    or the other. 

  16. Rush4in says:

    The poor pasta… I almost feel bad for him. xD

  17. kishigod says:

    “sinful flesh” WHY WOULD ANYONE SAY THAT

  18. Sax Appeal says:

    Why does max put gullible at the bottom of the description?

  19. ThatDecodedMooseGuy says:

    I’m not religious but even I feel this is insensitive and wrong… He is
    taking the piss out of someone’s faith by mocking not only Christianity but
    also the gay community…

  20. Ügot Trollt says:

    Now call a Mosque and say you want to join IS, they’re looking for new
    members and stuff.

  21. TVFilthyFrank says:

    HAHAH perfect maxy boy

  22. StrangerInAustralia says:

    “When you get a boner and you’re not married is that the devil?”
    “No, it’s your sinful flesh”.

    Wow. Christians really like to ignore basic human biology. I feel sorry for
    the priest if he’s only gotten an erection as a result of purposeful
    ‘sinning’. Has he never ridden a bus?

  23. Kawsar Huzaifa says:

    well at least 75% of the human population r against homosexuality, and if
    we let democracy decide than being should be illegal and outlawed.

  24. Joey... says:

    Max, you need Shrek in your life. He doesn’t judge when you wank on to his
    holy portrait. He bless’ the onion seed onto his holy spirit and praises
    you for it. No judgement, only love and forgiveness. Thank you oh holy
    ogrelord for the life you have given us. We thank you for never leaving our
    tap undripped, and our sinful hole blessed with your ogresized love. Let
    those who don’t choose the path of you holy love, or think you’re drek,
    burn for all eternity. We will never unmeme you. We love you.


  25. zacharylisle says:

    you’re totally going to hell for this >_<


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