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I’m a Broke, Gay, Married, Virgin?!


24 Responses to “I’m a Broke, Gay, Married, Virgin?!”

  1. IISuperwomanII says:
  2. DrivenSavage says:

    Whoa hold up, did she just say she does not follow any religion? I thought
    she was a Sikh? Did she drop the religion? It is one of the few religions
    that is actually pretty good. I guess I am kinda of biased though because
    the Sikh religion rejected the hindu caste system. I view that as an
    absolute good, but I digress, did she drop the religion? 

  3. Anthony DelucV says:

    You could literally be broke, gay, married and a virgin and I would still
    love you. No matter how much money you make aha 

  4. Amilcar Hernandez says:

    Your laptop is the definition of epilepsy

  5. Gabriela Ontiveros says:

    Being gay means you like boys be a lesbian means you like a girl

  6. Pooja Gurung says:

    I’m envious at how Lilly takes all the hate like it doesn’t even faze her

  7. Jaskarn C says:

    if call you’re having a bad day read this

    I you cat
    I are cat
    I beautiful cat
    I just cat
    I the cat
    I way cat
    I you cat
    I are cat

    Read the second word in each cat sentence

  8. Cristiano Ronaldo says:

    lmao all that hate tho its so funny XD but i am a huge fan of your videos
    and you are fabulous so B)

  9. Grace Embrace says:

    Honey, you look fine as ef in that oversized sweatshirt.

  10. Vanessa Carrillo says:

    Please follow me on Instagram

  11. Maria Ivaschenko says:

    People who don’t find her funny need to get themselves some sense of

  12. Diya Asnani says:

    Don’t listen to them I know you’re the best youtuber who’s with me

  13. Ella Abraham says:

    She took the hate so well, that is something I really admire. But seriously
    though, does everyone have to make their “hate” for a celebrity known. It
    makes no sense to me. Anyway, Lilly does not deserve the hate. She is just
    a normal unicorn trying to spread rainbows and skittles to world. And she’s
    is awesome. . . but that laptop tho. . .

  14. Rainbow Rainbow says:

    Isn’t it sad that a person like Lilly is getting hate?
    Like, she is the nicest person!!

  15. Gemathest Gemdone says:

    Lilly! Since you’ve been to a lot of wedding
    (white/brown/black/asian/unicorn etc)
    Could you do a “Types Of People at Weddings” This could be people from all
    types of wedding that you’ve been to that you notice tend to see.

    Please could you do this for Super Thursday!(or Super friday cause I live
    in the uk and we live in the future) =D

  16. Rubington says:

    So…. How much do u make?

  17. Jes Lyons says:

    That one ‘website’ dedicated to hating you had one post in 2012. Meh. Dumb.
    People who hate on others on the internet are the worst.
    I despise plenty of celebrities and internet personalities. Plenty. But you
    won’t find me making posts about these celebrities because it’s not worth
    the energy. Why do people spend so much time hating on others on the
    internet? Who has time for that!?

  18. Almira Azadi says:

    I think I kinda took the “she looks better in feminine clothes” comment
    quite badly because how would you define “feminine clothes”? A dress? A
    skirt? Am I not aloud to wear jeans or shorts because I am a female? Are
    males not aloud to wear dresses and skirts? Honestly, I’m probably taking
    this too far but I just think society sucks and people are always telling
    you to act a certain way, to live your life in a certain way, to wear
    certain things. In my opinion, people telling you these things are quite
    pathetic and need to mind their own business. Again, probably taking this
    too far but it’s just my opinion. 

  19. A. Dyer says:

    Just wanted to comment on something: I do not think people are more
    interested in your salary and imcome because you aren’t white. Generally,
    people are interested in what most big youtubers make because it isn’t
    “normal” work. The marriage thing I’m not sure about, though.

  20. Hemmings Jokebook says:

    Some people run a marathon, while I sit on my bed and have a superwoman

  21. Hayley Morris says:

    Screw the people that hate on you! You cause me pain from laughing so

  22. Kitty Palmer says:

    hey im a new youtuber and i will be uploading my first video at 30

  23. Essence Etienne says:

    Superwoman is everything!! She is so beautiful.

  24. misty forest says:

    lilly dont let anyone put you down


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