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25 Responses to ““I HATE MYSELFIE” – SHORT FILM”

  1. Shane Dawson TV says:


  2. Antonio says:

    did anyone else notice that when GiGi lifted the photo it wasn’t her hand
    lifting it…I KNEW IT.

  3. Vanessa Tourand says:

    Is it just me of is gigi out of sink idk how to spell sink

  4. Britany Wilson says:

    And now here you are, 10 years later, fucking cooler and more successful
    that ALL OF THEM! Ms. Smith was right. 

  5. rachellejacksongaya says:

    I wanted the video to be longer :(

  6. Taylor Johnson says:

    What happened to the sexual noises he had for this? He posted something on
    instagram about it.

  7. JelloItsMe says:

    I don’t get the “Shane disappearing from the photo” part. Can someone
    explain it?

  8. Heather Barrera says:

    i dont understand the end when gigi said “i knew it” at the photo :(?????

  9. TeamGraGra says:

    Why didn’t momma Dawson PLAY momma dawson??

  10. Caitlin McCormick says:

    Am I the only one seeing the audio slightly out of sync? 

  11. BeautyByMarie101 says:

    Wonder how his actual prom date feels watching this 

  12. Johnnie Guilbert says:

    This is my new favorite video by you shane keep it up :)
    Just wished it was longer tho. 

  13. Ryan Ianaro says:

    Is it me…. Or does the blond that Shane bumps into in the beginning seem
    like a chick with a dick….? Or a dude dressed as a semi attractive woman?

  14. Bobby Levy says:

    For the first minute or two I thought the blonde girl was Joey Graceffa

  15. Barbara B says:

    Gigi gorgeous is so beautiful until she starts talking, ugh ….if he wants
    to be a girl thats cool but why be an annoying one?

  16. foodtologist says:

    Is that blonde girl a man? Her voice is so manly that sounds gay

  17. MrRepzion says:

    Ha! This was great! I really enjoyed this, Shane. Wish this was a full

  18. deivis1091 says:

    Would it be better to just hire a real girl to play a blonde girl part?

  19. Marit Schulte says:

    Sorry but I don’t think Gregory/’gigi’ was the best choice to play Amber

  20. Lea SS says:

    I hope this wasn’t a true story, if so it would have been so upsetting 

  21. DatAdorablePanda says:

    That was so funny! I wish I could buy the book, it seems really great! Nice
    short film, Shane :D
    I gotta say, I’m really proud of you, for all the things you’ve
    accomplished and for the shit you went through and survived to. I think all
    of your true fans are. In the end, your teacher was freaking right :D!
    Love you, Shane <3

  22. Jeremy Rodrigues says:

    Shane I’m so proud of you man! I remember watching Fred is dead & The
    Christmas Rapper like it was yesterday. Im so happy you’re still making
    videos and I know you work your ass of to make your dreams happen & for us.
    I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.

  23. willem meyer says:

    you should really make more shortfilms about chapters of the book, it could
    be like a project, it’s freaking great!!

  24. Angela L says:

    Shane, this was so good. Seriously. You inspire me so much. I’d love to
    write a book someday like “I hate myselfie” you are a wonderful person.
    Thank you for doing what you do! :)

  25. Kyra Ficke says:

    “Yep, I’m definitely a lesbian.”


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