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I Dont Think It’s Gay

Nothing gay about it!…..not that theres anything wrong with that! SUBSCRIBE TO ERIC:

25 Responses to “I Dont Think It’s Gay”

  1. JigabooTheNotorious says:


  2. ratede91 says:

    Idk about this one, playboi…

  3. GregBlaze14 says:


  4. FreshBro8 says:

    Rick I have one question to ask you: WHAT. THE. FUCK?!?

  5. Another Time Hero says:

    so whats the backstory to this skit

  6. savagepinksock says:

    i axctually have a dick pic from a guy i kno :/

  7. cellzone13 says:

    This was fucking hilarious!

  8. Bran Breezy says:

    Screw all yall. This skit is one of my favorites! Had me laughing like
    crazy. Keep doing you Ricky 

  9. irv gentry says:

    Strange gay video, straight men don’t send dick picks to each other.

  10. Alex Lopez says:

    This is exactly how I am…lololol 

  11. Groovy Q says:

    This vid had me weak no chill

  12. JP Dunas says:


  13. Shabazz Jahbar says:

    nigga you gay! *riley voice*

  14. Lucky xp says:

    Lol “it’s better if you grab it to show how wide it is “had me cracking up

  15. Mr.MjLc says:

    And people say young thug isn’t influential pfft

  16. Cope Digital says:

    He reached on this video 

  17. chimyshark says:

    you got to go cuddy

  18. Richii Jimenez says:

    This was a good skit funny one bro

  19. Jrocka7x says:

    “How are you going to do that… without a picture of my dick? .* I lost

  20. Ryan Tran says:

    Rick: “I’m not gonna send you the dick pic anymore”
    Eric: “thank God”
    Rick: “I need you to hold it” LMAOOOOOOOOO

    IM DEAD! Totally DEAD.

  21. Serena Love says:

    Mobile can’t see annotations….

  22. 1,000,000 Subscribers With No Videos?! says:

    rick just come out the closet already

  23. King says:

    LMAO this is the “Show me your dick” skit all over again.. smfh..

  24. Yung Benji says:

    Rick, Eric, & Tim all in the same video… YouTube at it’s Finest!! …

  25. respectedfemale says:

    Lol. Meanwhile, on Women Island, I’m sending all of my full body nudes to
    my best friends for their approval. And to just send them, just cuz. Lol.


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