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How To: Set Up A NAS (D-LINK 320L)

Setting up a NAS drive for your network, you can use it for anything you want such as backup or media streaming or whatever you want. This one even works ove…

25 Responses to “How To: Set Up A NAS (D-LINK 320L)”

  1. TingaWinga5 says:

    Setting up NAS

  2. robinschw says:


  3. StereoBucket says:

    Better than porn

  4. Brommakisen says:

    Hi, do you know if it formats the discs if you choose “standard” on the
    raid type selection part?

  5. Atazoth says:

    what is a rooter?
    i know what a router is but not a rooter?

  6. SandroCraft98 says:

    Is then App for iOS free?

  7. Muhammad Kamil says:

    i need help. i cant use blank as password to enter admin. how do i reset

  8. andy black says:

    what is the difference between 320l and 320lw? thanks

  9. Zarul Izham says:

    Hi, let say I’ve 1 Mbps internet connection. When I download files from the
    NAS, how about the download speed?

  10. burninghalls says:

    I have one like this accept its the Dlink DNS-302L the case looks exactly
    the same.

    I have everything going but it thinks my printer is a external hard drive
    and the light on it is orange.

    If it detects the printer and I set it up then it also doesn’t print so
    yeah it seems a bit buggy.

    Everything else works fine only annoying thing is a file size limit of 2
    Luckily with windows you can bypass it and luckily with a program called
    WinRAR you can separate files to under 2 gigabyte each.

  11. ExtremeAnalDischarge says:

    Finally, an unboxing with a scalpel. Even if your handling of it wasn’t the
    best, you didn’t resort to pulling out a cutlass in trend with these

  12. Michał M says:

    how install system freenas in D-LINK 320L??????????

  13. Michał M says:

    D-LINK 320L not support nfs v4

  14. Gilbert Tay says:

    Thanks for your video… can you do another video on how to setup remote
    access? Thanks in advance

  15. Alen Emini says:

    Does this model support printer connection via usb?

  16. martkt10 says:

    Can you put this on a powerline adapter ?

  17. Louie Marimla says:

    Hello us *.srt files supports the uPnP?

  18. jaakko200987654321 says:

    what happens if i plug the enthernet cable (or whatever it is) strate to my

  19. Joseph Abarado says:

    Thanks for the video. :)

  20. Jennifer Winn says:

    Thanks so much for your video, was exactly what I needed to set up my new
    NAS. It was really easy to follow along as I went through my set up. I like
    pictures/videos and dlink didn’t have many of those included with their set
    up material, so your video helped a lot.

  21. myblurays says:

    Have this setup however when using the mydlink access app on android. When
    i go to upload my mobile photos days its complete however the folder is

  22. BsC x DeMoN says:

    the wizard still wont find the 320L help?!?!?!

  23. Caped Crusader says:


  24. Born Boy says:

    How do make available ONLY for wifi client on the router ?

  25. Usman Chaudhry says:

    Hi TingaWinga. I have bought the 4 bay version. I have 3 hard drives with
    content on them. Can I set them on the box with standard no RAID involved
    without formatting. Any help would be appreciated.


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