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How to Fall Asleep in Class

Good Morning Chia Lincoln #22. In this episode, Rhett and Link share how they successfully fall asleep in class. Link speaks French.

25 Responses to “How to Fall Asleep in Class”

  1. Keegan Yancey says:

    in third grade we would sit criss cross and we were doing a report on a
    book I passed out during it and 30 minutes later I heard our teacher say
    alright head back to your desk I woke up then and headed back to my desk
    and having no idea about the book I aced the report and realized my dream
    was on the book

  2. cray0523 says:

    Je suis est vrai.
    Not that anyone cares. :p

  3. Tara Mclaren says:

    Rhett’s voice is really hot!

  4. Mmemardieve says:

    Well Link, your name was probably pronounced “Lorent” because the way
    you’re pronouncing it “Larron” means thief. For us, the foreign language we
    leant at school was English. And I took Spanish classes in cegep.

  5. beautiful wario says:

    I take spanish my name is sofia. My real name is sophia. I cheated

  6. Magalhaes Zoé says:

    René is not a female name guys ! 

  7. Ashlee Speer says:

    My name is Ashlee and I took Japanese and my “Japanese name” was Asiuri
    (a-see-you-ree) but the r is a Japanese “flap r” is like a cross between an
    r and a d

  8. Bronte Starr says:

    I took Japanese and my name (which is actually Bronte) is pronounced
    Buronte, weird. 

  9. geekybliss123 says:

    He just said at the beginning of the vid: I don’t know french. Green beans.

  10. Rebecca Walker says:

    It’s funny because I was watching this episode at 2 am after taking my
    sleep aide and I fell asleep. Now it’s 9:30 and I have to rewatch the

  11. Brittany Grooms says:

    Back in high school, my friend Tori and I took Spanish together and our
    teacher, Mrs. Marshal, made each student take on Spanish last names. The
    two of us both picked Gonzales and said that we were first cousins when it
    came to Spanish class.

  12. Ali Deards says:

    all u do is put ur hand on ur forehead and a pen in ur pen on ur notebook
    and sleep

  13. Tigger 2 says:

    Best quote: that’s not your fault I’m just getting old and senile 

  14. BlueFantaCat says:

    I would put my face in a book, and fall asleep

  15. Olivia Drury says:

    I fell asleep in class once…(I was positioned like Rhett) I woke up from
    my friend, she slapped me in the arm (I was asleep for 3-4 minutes

  16. Morsachu UEnvy says:

    I like putting my head down into my arms

  17. Edecides Antunes says:

    I went to hospital because of death and im still alive
    , EdecidesAntunes hernandez


  18. 上小望月 says:

    I took German, and my name was Sebastian.

    I’m also female.

    The teacher found it odd.

    I just wanted an excuse to make endless Black Butler references.

  19. Sashko Hadjikrastev says:

    Rhett’s voice is cool

  20. jen wen says:

    I like Rhett’s idea

  21. Jessica B says:

    I’m taking Japanese and my name is Jessica so its pronounced Jeshica-san in

  22. Lpslover957AJ says:

    Is anyone else disturbed by the random half body in the background…? ;-;

  23. John Matson says:

    I am not kidding, i literally bring a blind fold to 1,2, and 5 period, and
    i literally sleep, waking up to realize every time i did, my pencil went
    missing 0_0

  24. Heidi Reynolds says:

    Spanish and hèidï

  25. DanceLover1220 says:

    MY NAME IS TINA!!!!!!


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