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How seniors can avoid the emergency room — and what to do if they end up there – The San Diego Union

No one wants to end up in the emergency department of a hospital. While you can’t prevent all accidents and health emergencies, you can improve your odds of avoiding them. Here are some research-based tips for protecting your safety and health as you age:

1) Remember those check-ups: See your doctor regularly and make sure you’re up to date on recommended tests and screenings. Discuss any health issues you’re experiencing, such as vision or hearing difficulties, balance problems, dizziness or feeling faint. Ask your doctor or pharmacist to review medications you’re taking for possible conflicts or side effects.

2) Don’t put off care: If you have unusual symptoms, don’t wait until your annual check-up to consult your doctor. Symptoms such as unexplained weight loss, fever, fatigue, unusual bleeding, skin changes or odd bowel movements can signal disease. Catching and treating the problems early could help prevent life-threatening consequences later.

3) Check your eyesight: Vision problems can increase your risk of falling. Have your eyesight checked by a professional at least once a year.

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