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Home care is a lifeline for elderly clients in North Devon

PUBLISHED: 11:24 09 October 2017 | UPDATED: 11:24 09 October 2017

Caregiver Yvette Campbell of Home Instead Senior Care with client Angela at her home. Picture: Tony Gussin

Caregiver Yvette Campbell of Home Instead Senior Care with client Angela at her home. Picture: Tony Gussin



A lifeline and companionship are the hallmarks of a new home care service now operating in North Devon.

The carers of Home Instead Senior Care are known as caregivers and they don’t believe in 15 minutes flying visits.

As part of the Gazette’s #CouldYouCare campaign to highlight the work of the adult social care sector, we joined caregiver Yvette Campbell and met one of her clients.

Yvette, from Rose Ash near South Molton, has been a carer for 11 years and worked for Home Instead in Wiltshire – when she moved to Devon she waited until the company arrived here and signed up as soon as the South Molton office opened.

She said the service was very different to the 15 minute care visits that sometimes hit headlines and the aim was to tailor it to each client.

“It’s basically helping people with whatever they need, that might be getting them up, washed and dressed or cooking meals but a lot of it is companionship,” she said.

“It’s not just going in and doing a job and going out, we are given a lot more time to do the caring side of it.”

A caregiver’s appointment is never less than an hour, often more and their work can just as easily involve taking clients out on trips or to appointments if asked.

Yvette added: “It’s quite a social job; people just need to be caring and cheerful. I would recommend it to anybody that wants to help someone.

“You might be the one person they see all day so it’s a lifeline for some people that have not got families.”

The Gazette met up with Yvette at her client Angela’s home on Exmoor. Angela said she had been farming all her life and it was quite a big step to now be restricted, but was full of praise for the service.

She said: “I think the thing I get out of it most is offering my children peace of mind because we are a close family. This is wonderful as I am still my own boss and can come and go as I please.”

Adam Crispin at Home Instead said they were different from other companies, being focussed on the person and their relationship with their caregiver, not how many jobs could be done in a short time slot.

He added: “We want to be an employer of choice, not just in the care industry but more generally and we would like people to see care as a worthwhile industry to work in.”

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