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ROSEBORO — Members of the local senior center are enjoying being able to call the Roseboro Community Building home.

In September of 2016, the senior program was forced out of the building due to vandalism and repairs, and left moving around to multiple locations until a permanent option could be found. Last July, the building was purchased by Percy Owens and the work completed in time for the seniors to move back into the facility in August.

Gilbert Owens, Roseboro Nutrition Site manager, said attendance has increased since the building reopened, and he, along with the seniors involved in the program, are enjoying having somewhere to meet and fellowship.

“The center keeps these seniors alive,” Owens said. “Instead of sitting at home all day, they now have somewhere to go and do things with other people.”

For years, the senior program used the community building as its meeting location. The town, which previously owned the building, was renting the property out to town residents for different events such as parties. Following an incident, the building was closed for repair. Those repairs, Owens shared, have been done and are now fixed.

Once the building was closed, the senior program had to find other options for housing and began meeting at C.E. Perry School, but that contract was proposed to end at the close of the 2016-17 school year.

“The permanent purpose of the building is the senior citizens center and a church,” Owens explained. “During the week, Monday through Friday, the seniors use the building for their meals and activities. On Sundays, we use it for our church.”

At one time, the Roseboro Nutrition Site offered 49 seniors a place to go and be a part of the community, with an average daily attendance of 18. For those seniors who are unable to get out and travel, meals are delivered. During the time the building was closed, and the meeting location moved around, Owens said attendance numbers dropped, but have been back up since the reopening in August.

There are approximately 24 members of the senior program that come out to the center, with 18 of those attending on a regular basis. The center delivers meals to 21 seniors. There are others who come down that aren’t a member of the program, but come to enjoy the programs and activities.

The Nutrition Site also participates as a community service option for the Department of Corrections.

“Our seniors use this time as an opportunity to minister to people,” Owens said.

The program is available five days a week, four hours each day. While at the center, they receive a hot meal and Owens and the volunteers provide various programs and games to keep the seniors busy.

Every morning, the seniors hold a devotion time, taking turns leading each time. Speakers often come in and provide the seniors with valuable information about their health and lifestyle. Once a month, Owens said the group takes a trip and they hold monthly birthday celebrations.

“This keeps our seniors active,” Owens explained. “It gives them a reason to get up and come out of the house each day. It is a proven fact that staying active keeps our seniors healthy and living longer.”

Throughout the entire process, Owens said the town of Roseboro and its board and mayor were helpful and supportive in every situation.

By Kristy D. Carter

Reach Kristy D. Carter at 910-592-8137, ext. 2588. Follow us on Twitter at @SampsonInd. Like us on Facebook.

Reach Kristy D. Carter at 910-592-8137, ext. 2588. Follow us on Twitter at @SampsonInd. Like us on Facebook.

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