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[GPTV] SHT…ON WHEELS!!! Super Hero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider No. 3 – Review

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5 Responses to “[GPTV] SHT…ON WHEELS!!! Super Hero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider No. 3 – Review”

  1. cursingL says:

    Really? I liked the first Kamen Rider Vs Kamen Rider movie.

    I do believe that this movie is shit though

  2. Joshua Miguel Rinaldi Escano says:

    Well fuck I was looking forward to the Racing part of this movie! well I
    guess thank you michael for bringing the shit in the racing up because it
    was the only thing that could save the movie but it didn’t fuck!

  3. Yasir742 says:

    It’s one thing to actually like these films but to actually support them?
    I’m just like WHAAAAA-

  4. Yasir742 says:

    I’ll admit there are bits and pieces that I like about these films, y’know
    like the last one with some scenes they did with Gaim’s transformation
    (y’know the thing where he grabbed the orange and used it as a shield) but
    that just makes me loathe these films even more because there’s nothing I
    hate more than squandered potential.

  5. Alonzo Tompkins says:

    Taisen films always range from shitty (SUPER HERO TAISEN AND TAISEN Z) to
    outright disrespectful. (Kamen Rider Taisen)


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