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GoFundMe Shuts Down Auto Shop Owner’s Anti-Gay Campaign

John Iadarola ( and Jimmy Dore ( hosts of The Young Turks and guest Desi Doyan ( discuss an…

25 Responses to “GoFundMe Shuts Down Auto Shop Owner’s Anti-Gay Campaign”

  1. The night wanderer says:

    Good,I’m sick of shitty people getting support for their vile actions.

  2. Abortion is no big deal It's not Murder says:

    But they let the Indiana bigots rake in nearly a mil. FUCKGOFUNDME!

  3. Tallacus says:

    Good for them, see true Christians will always be for gay rights, this guy
    is everything opposite of what Christianity means and a terrorist

  4. Shay says:

    Holy shit, more good news! It’s so funny that all these bigots are coming
    out looking for support from strangers thinking they had a nation behind
    them only to find out that every dim witted bigot who would support that
    nonsense already gave what they could to the first dim witted bigot who
    pulled this shit.

  5. S Cin says:

    GoFundMe Shuts Down Auto Shop Owner’s Anti-Gay Campaign.

  6. John Rife says:

    The all bolts and no nuts statement is a poor joke analogy for how penises
    don’t fit together. Am I the only one who gets that?

  7. Christy Quick says:

    I totally think this guy is a homophobic freak.I am disappointed though ,
    that you are totally misunderstanding the nuts and bolt analogy.The
    mechanic is saying that a nut is a penis, and the bolt is the vagina .A nut
    fits into the bolt due to the threading…so he is ( poor example) saying
    that he will build a car with all male or all female parts and see how your
    car runs thst way..i am with you, but it’s driving me crazy that you aren’t
    understanding it…

  8. emotionzdepress says:

    The diffrence between other anti gay gofundmes…..they were all started by
    a supprter….this guy started his own and made his mess. this guy was
    plotting for money.

  9. apextroll says:

    When a lawyer is lecturing you on morality, it should make you think.

  10. Light King says:

    Another dumb ass bigot.

  11. hellcat1988 says:

    As a mechanic who is gay, I have to laugh.

  12. Kaycee K says:

    Sometimes assholes get what they deserve…

  13. Edgardo Peregrino says:

    You see what happens when you let your bigotry flag fly proudly? If you run
    a business and are intended on discriminating, just close up shop now. You
    have pretty much told your future customers to go fuck themselves.

  14. njintau says:

    Damn bro, you had to open your mouth. Now…you lost your business.

  15. Liz Nguyen Luu says:

    pizza people

  16. 2noided says:

    The nuts and bolts thing is his ‘philosophy,’ how the fuck did you not get
    that? It’s really bigoted but he definitely stated his reasons, he wasn’t
    just saying ‘if you don’t agree I’ll kill you,’ like John inferred. I
    actually thought it was kind of funny.

  17. Jackthestripper says:

    A group of black people are now jumping and yelling “OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH”
    at that burn. Absolute poetry.

  18. Solidus says:

    So libtards support gofundme shutting down this guys campaign because they
    don’t agree with his ideology but oppose this guy refusing service to gays
    because he doesn’t agree with their ideology.

    Hypocrisy at its finest.

  19. poo shoveler says:

    I think this guy just tried to get a chunk of money and is a pathetic piece
    of shit.

  20. LadyTasera says:

    Not only is he a shit human being, it turns out that he is also a shit

  21. Pythos Sapunov says:

    Two B’s that should never be together, Bigotry and Business.

  22. Jared Knight says:

    Seriously? Did this moron really think he wouldn’t face any business
    consequences for spewing that hatred? I don’t care of you’re for or
    against, anyone with half a brain knows this was a miserable business

  23. MLGTroy1 says:

    if i was that guy i would defend him by says my client is a dumbass and sit

  24. Aaron Kozmits says:

    Love Desi!!

  25. iliza curvian says:

    Conservatives have always made money from discrimination


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