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GAY THUG vs. RUDEST SQUEAKER! (Call of Duty Trolling)

Gay THUG is back on Call of Duty and going up against the rudest squeaker! Enjoy the GAY thug trolling! Smack the HELL out of that Like button to show your support! DIRECTORS CHANNELS: …

21 Responses to “GAY THUG vs. RUDEST SQUEAKER! (Call of Duty Trolling)”

  1. Ethan Winn says:

    30 seconds after upload! Yay!

  2. theredhotgamer says:

    Xbox has the best fan base!

    Mind the sarcasm

  3. Punx says:

    Why you calling him “Gay Thug”? i thought he made it clear that unless you
    look that n!gga in the eyes you aint gay.

  4. Lugia Guardian of The Moon says:

    Just shut up whit whom come first

  5. Jerome Thug Love Jones says:

    Hope you enjoy!

  6. Dxtroid Santiago says:

    41st on a Big Channel :) Yay I LIKE YO VIDEO Jerome well Lemme Suck on your
    dick (No homo) Hahaha so funny :) cracks me up every time

  7. Nicolai Ukkelberg says:

    Hah NICE

  8. MePlayZGaming says:

    Outro Song?

  9. Argenis Torres says:

    Are the people in the CoD game ever told that they were being trolled when
    the video ends?

  10. Jonathan Garcia says:

    I was the 1,000 like

  11. Keaten Boland says:

    ‘Are you the guy that says surprise mothfucka’

  12. George Washington says:

    Sucking dick ain’t gay, tell your kids… Tell your wife. Sucking dick is

  13. david brown says:

    This is ur only gay troll that didnt make me feel all weird n shit

  14. G.T. MUSTANG says:

    Kid calls him potty mouth for shit then then drops f-bomb 10 times

  15. Daniel Di Bella says:

    What happens when there are no squeakers left to troll?

  16. videogames says:

    Hey Videogamers! Gay Thug finally returns with another hilarious Black Ops
    2 trolling video! Smack the HELL out of that LIKE button and be sure to
    check out the director!

  17. Yuri Nate says:

    Hhahaha funny as always :D

  18. Coocoodoo pops says:

    this guy always cracks me up, no homo XD

  19. Deli Too Fly says:

    I have literally watched all of his videos and laughed so fucking hard at
    each one of them give this guy a 1000 out of 10

  20. ZoomZip says:


  21. andrew griffith says:

    I get bullied that I’dont have a elgato YouTube: Andrew Griffith. Sorry for
    the shout out


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