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GAY THUG vs. REAL GANGSTAS! (Advanced Warfare Trolling)

Gay THUG returns in Call of Duty and is going against some real gangstas! Enjoy the GAY thug trolling! Smack the HELL out of that Like button to show your support! DIRECTORS CHANNELS: …

24 Responses to “GAY THUG vs. REAL GANGSTAS! (Advanced Warfare Trolling)”

  1. videogames says:

    Hey Videogamers! Back again we got GAY THUG with another hilarious Call of
    Duty trolling video! Smack that Like button and be sure to check out the

  2. ipolo 1238 says:

    1st view!

  3. ApoRoyaL Meister der Mösen says:

    Like for pussy,
    Comment for ass,
    Ignore if you are gay.

  4. Josh Baker says:

    ‘Home boy’

    I dunno why but I love the language of black people!

    (I hope that isn’t racist because im not racist at all)

  5. Ticci Toby says:

    People wonder why people are racist, almost every black guy hates gay
    people and threats them

  6. Conway says:

    Subscribe for more!!

  7. Colit Musty says:

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  8. Chris Sparkz says:

    Southern niggas are homophobic. They try to hard to prove they’re straight

  9. English Chicken Is nice says:

    Gangsta: Where you from Ni*ga? Gay Thug: I’m from Alaska dowg, I’m out here
    trapped with the Eskimos. Awesome…

  10. YTMLP says:

    you keep talkin that dumb shit you fixin to get yo ass whooped and yo
    shoulders rubbed dawg. no homo.

  11. LETHAL_097 says:

    When is gta v being released on ps2? I have the slim-line one with 8mb
    memory card, Pls help. 

  12. SoughtOut says:

    I question myself why am I still subscribed to this shitty channel

  13. Stubbier says:

    Swiper No swipe My Nigga 

  14. CamTheLegend says:

    Let me suck your dick, no-homo

  15. SmallZy- says:

    Like For Dick
    Comment For Cock
    Ignore For Getting Fucked In The Ass By Magic Johnson

  16. Sebastian Richter says:

    Hej, I have a question: I am white and if I have a black friend can I say

  17. Numeroswift says:

    Jerommmmmmeeeee, LOVE it! :D

  18. ThaSpaZe says:

    Like for nice pussy

    Comment for big Boobs

    Ignore for Dick in ass 

  19. Mabirc Min says:

    Only gay thugs all the time these videos are so annoying, sorry. I prefer
    MC trolling or teamkill videos.

  20. Immortallion says:

    Like for the Oxygen you breathe
    Comment for a female’s ass,
    Ignore for a worm filled twinkie stuffed into your ass and then into your
    mouth while you’re tied to a post naked in the middle of winter with 6
    bears gnawing at your legs while you moan to the sweet smell of caramel.

  21. RSH says:

    “Where I’m from we whoop yo ass n suck yo dick”

  22. Jerome Thug Love Jones says:


  23. CelestialFlare says:

    HAHA Alaska?! I actually live in Alaska. It ain’t homo if you say it ain’t
    homo lol Hilarious video. I just started posting my COD game plays!

  24. 0ThePixalGamer0 says:

    Black person calls another black person nigger 50 times
    White person says the word nigger one
    loses his job, has to change his name, is for ever scar as that said nigger.
    FUCK THAT I say nigger to niggers faces all the time and they NEVER do


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