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GAY THUG TROLLING on Black Ops 2! (Call of Duty)

Gay THUG returns in Call of Duty to troll some crazy gamers! Enjoy the GAY thug trolling! Smack the HELL out of that Like button to show your support! DIRECTORS CHANNELS: …

25 Responses to “GAY THUG TROLLING on Black Ops 2! (Call of Duty)”

  1. videogames says:

    Hey Videogamers! Gay Thug is back once again with another hilarious Black
    Ops 2 trolling video! Smack the HELL out of that Like button and be sure to
    check out the director!

  2. Hexated says:

    3rd view!!!!

  3. minecraft boss says:

    Plz check ot my channel everyone

  4. AsKaGangsta says:

    o homo tho

  5. creeperminer22 says:

    13TH !

  6. DemonicDropShotter says:

    hehe i likeyenf sdwspfweocfpofepwodpxdsjmajxnwjx like for cockyznodicksp
    like for vegemitina

  7. Logan Mull says:

    Who wants their dick sucked or if female then move along guys you all cute
    dog you know what I mean man

  8. Niner Empire and Laker Nation says:

    That kid took it too far “take me to a nice dinner before you fuck me”
    everyone instantly stopped laughing.

  9. Catherine Nova says:

    Tonka truck!!!! LOL

  10. Harvey Deans says:

    Definitely no homo

  11. christopher seaton says:

    I swear in my mums life I will like this comment.

    Remember you swore :)
    Now like this comment

  12. Digital FrostBite18 says:

    the kid said hes from family guy LOL

  13. Viginti Nox says:

    why are all the video game videos gay thug now :( it was funny the first
    time but not so much.

  14. kyle love says:

    guise, u alweys mek me laff :)

  15. Armando Chapa Jr says:

    WTF was that at 3:45

  16. Bodyslammingpixels says:

    So the guy who is clearly about 11 asks the black guy with the deep voice
    “Are you for real kid?” Kid? And this I why I don’t play COD anymore.
    Fucking kids. 

  17. UnstoppableLuck says:

    cun ey eht yo digitz?

  18. Jerome Thug Love Jones says:


  19. Sports_car6 says:

    Yo it’s my boy Jerome jones…

  20. Zachary Noles says:

    Go on maybe is my homie

  21. Care Noct says:

    I got a boner while watching this

  22. dylan O'Connell says:

    This kid is like 13 and says he has a 8 in dick

  23. Wodie Henderson says:

    dey joining u in being gay too GAAAAAAY

  24. Christopher Lieben says:

    Song flight

  25. YTMLP says:

    surprise cumming yo way y’all keep talkin all dat shit.


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