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Gay People Don’t Exist… And Are Like Rapists

Appearing on America’s Survival, host Jerry Kenney went off on a rant saying he didn’t “believe in gay people” since he has seen no evidence that the so-called “gay gene” exists,…

25 Responses to “Gay People Don’t Exist… And Are Like Rapists”

  1. Matthew Dolby says:

    What in the actual fuck. God, people like this that think sexuality is a
    mental illness are fucking dangerous.

  2. bornxmas says:

    Why is it that homophobes can never pronounce homosexual correctly? They
    always say homah-sexual.

  3. BramSLI1 says:

    Well, if they don’t exist then how can they be like rapists that actually
    do exist? I don’t believe these peoples’ brains exist and this clip is my

  4. Tony Arellano says:

    Gee let’s see Adam and Eve have children, and they had children.

  5. The night wanderer says:

    Simpletons like this always crack me up.

  6. alberto meza says:

    I want to beat the shit out of that man, who joins me!?

  7. 29AndreG says:

    *facepalm* Are you fucking kidding me? Are you fucking kidding me? ARE YOU

  8. Daniel conde masagão ribeiro says:

    lol newsflash the bible says its ok to eat your kids

  9. ian searth says:

    You wonder why america is so fucked.. they keep letting these idiots on
    media outlets to spread idiocracy all through out the land…

  10. Adam Langfelder says:

    These idiots may be proof that god exists. Only someone with a true sick
    sense of humor could create these wastes of dick crumbs.
    By the way, rape, cannibalism, murder, and pedophilia are ALL IN THE BIBLE.
    It’s that book they’ve never read in their lives. 

  11. Hunter Brown says:

    “Use science”
    Oh okay, so you want us to use science? Well, recent studies suggest that
    almost everything in the bible is dismissable and…
    “NO, thats different. I meant science about the gays”
    Oh right…hmm nothing. But your religion can be proven false with science
    “…Nuh uh….”

  12. Moriki-kun says:

    The “they’d die out” “argument” sounds like an attempt to use evolution.
    That feels exactly like an idiots understanding of Darwin.

  13. darknessseess64nin says:

    This guy doesn’t seem to understand the concept of not every gene a person
    has is used. So a gay gene can travel through straight people too…

  14. David Yeakle says:

    So he expects a scientific explanation for homosexuality when scientists
    still don’t know why *sleep* happens? Is he going to claim sleep is a
    choice now too?

  15. illuminatist boss says:

    People of the world, don’t go to USA if you are

    If you actually think
    Want to move forward
    want to meet good people
    Have a accent outside of USA
    Not born there

  16. Daniel S says:

    Oh boy, now I get to use use one of the christian arguments in the most
    ironic fashion possible:

    Hey Jerry Kenney if you dont believe in gay people why do you spend so much
    time trying to disprove them?

  17. Hector Defendi says:

    Gay people don’t exist? Damn… I must not exist, but wait… if that’s so,
    how am I typing? lol

  18. Solita Furude says:

    i dont believe in jerry kenneys and they are assholes.

  19. flair541 says:

    Usually I laugh at this shit but this made me throw up in my mouth

  20. Kzar Antila says:

    Ah, another moron who doesn’t understand the theory of evolution through
    natural selection, yet, claims great insights into reality. This guy’s
    ancestors probably only survived because their tribes took pity on them.
    “Oh, that’s those Kenneys over there playing in their own poo. Be easy on
    them. They can’t help it; they were born that way.”

  21. Ignus Darkwalker says:

    Can we just shoot idiots like that? I wouldn’t mind being an authoritarian
    nation if we could shoot jackasses like this guy.

  22. Fa1c0 says:

    I have no idea if being gaya is a choice or not, but it Dorset matter. Even
    if it is a choice, it’s a choice that the individual makes for him or
    herself. Neither the church nor the government has the right to choose with
    whom people can fall in love.

  23. animeisthewayhaha says:

    Ok… He lost me… Gay people do not exist… But they are like rapist.
    How can they be like rapist if they do not exist? Is he saying rapist do
    not exist? Or is he just mentally unable to comprehend that what he is
    saying is not possible. 

  24. Deadpool3E says:

    “I don’t believe there is such a thing as gay people.”
    Oh yeah? Well I don’t believe there’s such a thing as God. The difference
    is, the thing you don’t believe is true is actually true. The thing I don’t
    believe is true is consistently proven not to be true. Checkmate, bitch.
    Also, it has been proven scientifically that gay people and gay animals
    exist. It’s a natural fuckin’ thing. The problem is that when someone gives
    you scientific evidence, you brush it aside. Mainly because you can’t
    understand science, let alone reality. So what the fuck is the point?
    Also, can you please stop bringing up rape? It’s fine for you to throw
    around rape and equate it with gay dudes doing it in the bootyhole, but
    it’s taboo for me to bring up kiddy diddling in Christ’s crib. Rape is
    natural, yes. However, as human beings that are sentient and live in a
    society we know that such an act (along with incest and murder) is a bad
    thing. Not only does it go against conduct towards other people, but
    against ourselves as individuals because we don’t want to be raped as well.
    That’s where your morality really comes from and not by God. However, when
    I listen to something like this, the idea seems to be that this person
    really wants to rape somebody and sees this as an excuse to do so. He’s
    fishing for a reason. Am I going to far in this assessment? Maybe. But
    clearly not as far as Kenney is with gay=rape.

  25. William Gerardi says:

    lol I love it when Christians demand scientific evidence for something


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