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Gay Of Thrones S5 EP ​2​ Recap: White House|Black Market

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20 Responses to “Gay Of Thrones S5 EP ​2​ Recap: White House|Black Market”

  1. Daniel Reilly says:


  2. CIarKent says:

    what’s the deal with podrick’s magic dick?

  3. Dane Nardozza says:

    I love this series

  4. Daniel Gomez says:

    I am enjoying this series a lot. Hilarious.

  5. maria brown says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Petyr Baelish is so fucking sexy

  6. M Wilson says:

    I lost it at André Leon Talley…you are a MESS! LOL #dead

  7. TA says:

    Boo you fucked up twice 

  8. 11kaspar11 says:

    this will be the only way i watch got this year

  9. dreaminginnoother says:

    it’s jonah

  10. Sergeline Belizaire says:

    OMG they’re recap of the Game of Thrones episode was better than the
    episode itself. I could not stop watching this its was too funny.

  11. Classic Xavier says:

    the ending always trips me out. gayness overload

  12. Barba Ro says:

    “Dragon Edward James Almos” killed me.

  13. Lieutenant Bat Guano says:

    I have sex with people

  14. david sue says:

    now that between two ferns is gone, this show is the reason i subscribe to
    this channel

  15. Ivanna Roquet says:


  16. Trevor Lassig says:

    this is the only reason I’m subscribed to this channel

  17. fielmaso says:


  18. Hello World says:

    Gay jesus?

  19. Yourinquirer says:

    Tragically, it would still somehow be wrong to say “This was so gay.””

  20. Solorflare99 says:

    I dont watch GoT, but i enjoyed this.


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