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Gay Marriage: What Nobody Talks About!

A special look at marriage and the continuing controversy around same-sex marriages around the world. What is the purpose of marriage historically? What are the solutions moving forward?

25 Responses to “Gay Marriage: What Nobody Talks About!”

  1. halafradrimx says:

    Fuck that, gonna donate 15 bucks to you, Stefan.

    Cheers from Brazil, my man.

  2. Stefan Molyneux says:

    Gay Marriage: What Nobody Talks About!

  3. Ben Baker says:

    The only real issue would be that certain businesses or institutions would
    not marry gays.
    That would allow other people to specialise in gay marriages though.

    Did you get my good friend Paula Platypus’ email about monotremes?

  4. truth1901 says:

    Energy cannot turn into humans by chance.

  5. mixter102 says:

    The Saying “It takes a Whole Village to Raise a Child” was not meant as a
    plea for government to take a greater role, but a reminder that extended
    Family, Neighbors, and community are needed to raise a productive member
    of society.

  6. Señor Charlie says:

    Marriage is a religious thing.
    The state shouldn’t recognize marriage, they should only recognize civil
    unions, a state contract.
    If two religious people want to be together, the state should only
    recognize it as a civil union. If the couple wants to, they can pretend to
    call it a marriage that is protected by god.

  7. Tony Ball says:

    Adoption is an initiation of force. The child to be adopted has little say
    in who their parents are and are ill equipped to make an informed decision.
    I would also add that the adoption, even if undesirable parents are the
    option, it may be better than the child’s current situation, but that does
    not mean there is no force.

  8. Calvin Smith says:

    The only reason the whole same-sex marriage thing came around is because of
    government. Same-sex marriage serves no purpose except to take advantage
    of government benefits.

  9. Tony Ball says:

    In regards to gay marriage adoption; Consider that gay or lesbian sexual
    preference is a mental issue. That isn’t to say that heterosexual minded
    people are sane in regards to their sexual desires, however to say that it
    is okay and fine for a person with a mental deficiency to adopt and there
    is no force or negative influence that will be conveyed to the child is an
    erroneous statement. Stefan you are pretty good and sticking to the truth
    even when you don’t like it but your liberal ideas are winning over your
    reason and evidence platform. Please do not confuse reason and evidence
    with unicorns.

  10. Ordrakon says:

    It’s Adam and Eve not Adam and Dr. Drew.

  11. onefodderunit says:

    It’s imprudent and irresponsible for two males engaged in a sexual
    agreement to be given small boys for adoption.

  12. Frugal Traveller says:

    Marriage should teach children positive male/female relationships. It
    doesn’t always work this way, but that’s the idea.

    Same sex marriage doesn’t do this, of course. A problem with allowing same
    sex marriage is that it leads to adoption, and that defeats one of the
    primary purposes of marriage.

  13. d8d8 says:

    Society has no right to dictate to the family/parent(s).
    Marriage is a way to take money by force from the man and give it to the
    woman in general.
    The Public Good be damned(The Public Good is a way to enslave the

  14. nisetsu says:

    This anarchist bullshit sounds like the South Park episode about hippies:
    there is like a guy who bakes bread, and another guy who like looks out for
    other people’s safety, and we just gonna like spend our time and resources
    caring for other people in our community because it ultimately benefits us
    too but we won’t call it taxes or welfare, maaaaan.

  15. Bel Rick says:

    Adults are not denied marriage, gay or not.
    Just pick a partner of the opposite sex, which is the whole point of
    marriage. Hello?

    If you love your partner, that is great. Wondrous thing for that to occur
    and not be persecuted.
    But what has that got to do with marriage? You don’t need to marry to love
    and you don’t need to love to marry.

  16. curldivgrad says:

    so why is gay marriage more accepted than polygamy? If the basis for gay
    marriage is consenting adults, then why not be applied to polygamy?

  17. Samuraipoohbear says:

    7:51 Communists target homosexuality in general the same as all
    totalitarian regimes. Until today all communist countries had homosexuality
    treated as criminals or mental disease. The communists are not just against
    the families.

  18. Annon Mous says:

    He’s wrong about this.
    Marriage is a set of laws regarding a shared property arrangement between
    There are tangible reasons why cohabiting couples need the legal ability to
    share property/taxes/insurance and so forth under the law.
    Not all people who are married have kids. Not all people who have kids are
    married. All People who are married have a shared property arrangement
    enforceable under the law.
    He missed the true libertarian position completely which is to end barriers
    to getting these shared property arrangements not keep them in place. Why
    can’t two heterosexual roommates do this? Why can’t large groups of people
    pool together and collectively bargain for insurance?

  19. hawkermustang says:

    Gay marriage is immoral. I don’t like homos raising kids either. 

  20. Avenge Fascism says:

    Accepting homosexuality has created a snowball affect of degeneracy,
    leading us into transsexualism, trans species people, incest & now we are
    seeing hints of pedophilia. 

  21. Arthur Pentameter says:

    Gay marriage leads to gay males adopting boys. How damaging is that?
    Lesbians adopting girls, also. The chance of molestation is very high with
    men, especially. I can’t prove that. But, common sense suggests it. And
    what kind of role models and stabilizing forces are gay men on heterosexual
    boys in a home environment? What a terrible infliction on children. I
    support gay rights in all other respects. But, society is heading down a
    very dangerous path with gay marriage. Marriage is for procreation. The old
    idea was right.

  22. Kevin Konkle says:

    Marriage isn’t about reproduction! Women are not baby factories!
    Marriage is about two people in love that commit to support each other for
    life, sometimes they have children, sometimes they are infertile, sometimes
    they are older, and somethimes they are gay. Wether you have children or
    not, is not the point of marriage! OMG

  23. M Barker says:

    Gay marriage is disgusting, and an abomination in the eyes of God! The
    purpose of marriage has always been to produce offspring in order to
    continue civilization. Since gays cannot achieve this, by definition there
    is no marriage.

    Gay marriage is simply a means to an end for the progressive movement to
    continue deconstructing our society as a whole. Never thought I’d live to
    see the day, but here we are. Can’t wait for what they have in store for us

  24. mrlieenn says:

    Wow, some people are so retarded. If heterosexuals could control their sex
    habits, there wouldn’t even be the need for adoption.

    Too many butthurt christians. They should implement something that gives
    the same rights as with marriage, just not call it “marriage”. 

  25. Nunya Biznes says:

    Everybody that discusses this either glosses over, or completely ignores
    “normal”. Biologically, the male/female unit is normal – does this need
    explanation? – and does have relevance. A same sex unit raising kids is not
    “Normal”. The only debate in my mind is its impact.


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