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I call the infamous Shirley Phelps to ask “How can I get into heaven?” Shirley aggressively used the word “Fag” 41 times over the course of one week while commenting on my videos. Follow…


  1. AleeshaLand says:

    “Well, she’s obviously in a bad mood today.” You may as well put that on a
    Hey, Shirley, Ben Franklin called. He wants his hair back.

  2. Faux Vaeas says:

    Kinda wanna book a flight to America and screw my boyfriend on her lawn.
    Too far? Nope.

  3. Christina Smith says:

    I really don’t want to be too judgemental, but she’s not acting like a
    Christian at all… Christianity is all about love for one another and I’m
    not picking up any of that from her or any of her Westbro groupies.

    “Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates a brother or sister is
    still in the darkness” – 1 John 2:9

    Riyadh, you are hilarious, the absolute best. x

  4. ktd says:

    “God” hates people who hate others. Especially those who hold “God Hates
    *__*” signs harassing “thy neighbor”. 

  5. Thespectre82 says:

    what kind of religion promotes hate?

  6. randomflashbacks says:

    “God hates everything” should be their motto.

  7. philster611 says:

    Shirley Phelps would make any straight man turn gay, The sheer sight of her

  8. Zero Ninety says:

    Wow, she REALLY hates cigarettes doesn’t she?

  9. 123cowgoesmoo says:

    Love your neighbor.
    Love your enemy.
    Nuff said.

  10. Wulfgang Stern says:

    You do know… Westboro is like 60 people.. Out of 350million Americans why
    give these fools attention. Ignore them and let them decay and waste away.

  11. RodRiguez says:

    Im a christian but i dont underatand why the baptist church is using hatred
    to change people. In my church they let gays be gays but if thhey wanna
    change one day then my church rejoices. In the bible it says do not judge
    others so why is this women judgeing and damming people to hell? Isent
    christianity suppose to be about love anyways! Im sorry for her behavior,
    just know that not all christians are like this.

  12. Crosby4hyg says:

    Arguing with the Westboro Baptist Church is like playing chess with a

    You can checkmate the pigeon in five moves but it will still knock all the
    pieces around, shit on the board and then strut around triumphantly.

  13. Jack Dawson says:

    if your a true Christian you would pray about them and worry about your own
    life not some one else

  14. KushBudz12 says:

    lets not forget the bible is man made, god or jesus didnt directly tell
    them the bible word for word. its man made. its possible being gay is okay
    with the lord.

  15. The Rexxar says:

    It just stinks that you’re doing this sort of thing for attention. Why not
    title the video “Riyadh K (Gay) calls Westboro Baptist Church”. I know you
    capitalize all your videos under the assumption that it gets people’s
    attentions, but it’s more so on the note of “Gay Guy”. You’re not just a
    “Gay Guy”, but a gay person, one with a name. Why reduce yourself to just a
    vague “gay guy”?

  16. Hannah_Animal says:

    Ignore the hate and take notice of the love

  17. Alltime Conspiracies says:

    Wow. We haven’t made a vid about Westboro. We’ll have to put it on the
    list. Certain shitstorm.

  18. The Secret Violinist says:

    They’re afraid of being proven wrong, so they don’t allow others to
    speak…. Which only proves MORE that they’re wrong!!

  19. popcrnshower says:

    Westboro Baptist Church is the ISIS of Christianity, please don’t group all
    Christians into the same category as them

  20. jamie brown says:

    1:56 proves you faked it

  21. RedTeamReview says:

    This literally sounds like the beginning of a joke: “A Gay man calls up the
    westboro baptist church…”

  22. Enigma w says:

    you are disgusting

  23. Taylor Jones says:

    As a born again Christian who wholeheartedly believes in Jesus as my
    savior, I would like to apologize to you for this woman’s actions, words
    and horridly obnoxious hate. Jesus calls us to love no matter what and what
    kind of Christ follower would I be if I spewed hate and condemnation
    constantly like Shirley. She should be ashamed of herself and will only
    have to answer to God when she gets to heaven.

    On a different tone, I found this video so funny! Your “becoming a
    carpenter” bit…I was rolling!! P.S. I’m in love with your accent.

    Love from Texas :)

  24. heidos7 says:

    As a Christian, I find the absolute worst thing about these horrible,
    despicable monsters is that they use the word ‘church’. This is NOT a
    church. This is not Christianity. This is not God. This is a a small group
    of people who use their ‘religion’ as an excuse to hate other people. We
    all know who’s really going to Hell here.

  25. SunnySplosion says:

    holy poop, that hair burn though (: Tbh this was hilarious, I love you LOL


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