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Gay Couples React to Rude, Invasive Questions (Part 2)

Moral: Use common sense. Think before you ask :) Like this vid if you are subscribed to any of the guests! Speaking of Guests: OliviaHas2Moms: Bria…

24 Responses to “Gay Couples React to Rude, Invasive Questions (Part 2)”

  1. Ashley Mardell says:
  2. Kaelyn and Lucy says:

    LOVE THIS. And love the way it’s been edited too! Great job Ashley!

  3. Kaelyn and Lucy says:

    P.s. we’ll never know if I had something in my teeth…

  4. ashley beaumont says:

    no outro song?
    what is this im confused

  5. Ashley Mardell says:

    Everyone’s been asked a question that’s thrown them for a loop at one point
    or another. It’s always important to use your common sense and think before
    you ask. Is your inquiry invasive or normative?….if so, save it for
    google instead of making someone feel uncomfortable/invisible/frustrated.


    Thumbs up if you loved ‘em ^_^

  6. Sozzy Taylor says:

    What I ask straight couples:How long have you been together?How did you
    meet?What was it like meeting the parents?
    What I ask gay/lesbian couples:How long have you been together?How did you
    meet?What was it like meeting the parents?
    Notice the word couple.They’re both couples.Treat them the same.It’s not
    that hard.

  7. Jesse Voorhans says:

    i was at the amsterdam meeting! it was super cool, i hope you liked my
    gift. love this video xx ly and grace. and grace gives the best hugs

  8. Aporusu says:

    I need someone’s advice. Ok, so I’m an 18 year old male and in the past few
    months I’ve been finding myself more sexually and physically attracted to
    other men. Although I definitely know I’m still attracted to females also
    its just been on my mind for some time now. Does this mean I might be
    bisexual? Is there a way I can find out for sure? 

  9. Shosh and Mer says:

    Love how this came together! Another great video, Ashley, thanks for asking
    us to be part of it.

  10. Emily Joy says:

    why have gender rolls when you can have pizza rolls tbh

  11. Herm Schnell says:

    Love the “which part of your salad is the meat?” analogy. I think the best
    response to that kind of question is pretty much Ashley’s answer – we’re
    gay so we’re both men/women. Maybe, if you know them well, pointing out
    that question as offensive (politely) will serve well.
    But when someone asks who’s the top, I wouldn’t hold back. That’s just
    blatantly rude. 

  12. Mikki Guevarra says:


  13. Jes Lyons says:

    I love your philosophy on relationships. You two have such open
    communication and it’s lovely!
    And it’s funny because I’m in a hetero-relationship and my boyfriend and I
    have been heavily criticized (by morons) about how I’m the decision maker,
    I’m the one who pays, and I’m the one who kind of “wears the pants”. Since
    I’m a cis lady, this freaks people out.
    It gets on my nerves because I like to pay, I make the decisions because
    I’m just more organized and he prefers to be more spontaneous and the
    wearing the pants thing is just dumb because we both wear pants.
    Gender roles have no place in healthy relationships.

  14. Ricky7Odriosola says:

    So many amazing people. <3
    I love to cook, clean, and bake, but I also love to pay for the dates and
    do the car maintenance stuff. Gender roles don't apply over here, lol.

  15. WhatWeganDidNext says:

    Great video with great points made… Particularly about asking vegetarians
    what part of their salad has meat!!! Haha good one Luce! M x

  16. amanda says:

    god bless ashley the editing on this video was so beautiful!!!!!! ur style
    is always so great but this video was just ahhh!!!!
    and gosh all the questions asked,, even when im not in a relationship i
    still get those??? straight people r weird

  17. Anna Autrey says:

    This video is so good! Thank you for having us be part!!! <3 

  18. Lucas Pherigo says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Love everything said in this video.

  19. Katie Farrell says:

    Fantastic video Ashley (and Grace)! I love these collabs!

    ‘…you don’t need a man and a woman, that’s like asking a vegetarian what
    part of their salad is meat, like no, don’t be an idiot!’ ~ best quote of
    2015, well done Lucy <3


  20. Rosalie Fontaine says:

    but what confuses me is… why is there freedom of gender expression in
    women, and not in men? i feel like this is so overlooked when talking about
    gender roles, like its not a problem, and it makes me so angry. i don’t

  21. InsertCleverNameHere says:

    “Let’s getcha pregnant!”
    “Okay!” *leans back*

    Fucking died. Laughed my ass off.

  22. smirbelbirbel says:

    Your videos are some of the most lovingly crafted ones on the internet! I
    love the content and I love the form! <3
    I'm in a heterosexual relationship, we're both cis-gender and white – so
    pretty normative, right? Well, it's not. There are no stereotypical gender
    roles, or maybe there are, but we both fill them or we don't … most of
    the time I'm the little spoon, but I'll hold the door for my boyfriend. We
    split bills almost always, but sometimes I like to pay and sometimes he
    does – that depends more on who earns more at that moment than on who has
    the penis. ;)
    I could go on and on with examples … we've been together for over seven
    years now and this is what works best for us! So even though we are in a
    relationship that "fits the norm", we couldn't answer the question "Who is
    the man?" concerning gender roles. And I love it like that!

  23. Sarah Miller says:

    I love Shannon and Cammie. I hope I have a relationship like there’s

  24. Ellie Davison says:



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