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Gay Conversion Therapy (Part 3/3)

Conversion therapy is the practice of “curing” gay people by trying to turn them straight through counseling and lifestyle restrictions. In this special report, VICE gets exclusive access…

25 Responses to “Gay Conversion Therapy (Part 3/3)”

  1. Oldschool says:

    You can’t fix “gay” let the people be who they want to be. This is
    ridiculous what has this world come to?

  2. Dominic Laufenberg says:

    Most of these guys have PTSD from being raped, so I guess it’s fair they’re
    angry at the way they are 

  3. Craig Kiernan says:

    This series nearly made me cry.

  4. Anthony Batista says:

    We all had gay thoughts before, or am i just gay? 

  5. BrOwN3yer0$eBUD says:

    No more faggots. No special treatment for fags. 

  6. shadowxmaria says:

    Hmmmmm. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with people’s sexual
    orientation but I also respect people’s choices. Whatever choice they make,
    it’s their journey to take and their mistakes to have. I just hope they
    proceed with cautious no matter what the choice it. I can agree that minors
    should not take it but if they choice to take it as an adult, it’s truely
    their choice. The sense of community they feel through this might be right
    for them or not. They just didn’t feel it in the LGBT community which I can
    easily understand. I have bisexual friends including myself and we’re often
    not accepted by some gay people and some straight people. Even someone
    close to me thinks being gay is ok but being bisexual is a mental illness.
    I understand the lack of community but I guess that really depends on where
    you grow up.

  7. Will Yen says:

    i really need to see south park do a parody of this.

    except with hairy ballsacks around their neck instead of those “beans”

    holy fuck that’d be hilarious.

    seriously though, this shit is a perfect example of how religion is fucking
    things up.

  8. MikeyBoi323 says:

    god never said for there no gays to be allowed, you stuoid
    christian/catholic fucks made this up, people made this up not jesus or

  9. RSUN2012 says:

    aIn my opinion they need heterosexual models to see how a person who is not
    feminine behaves naturally. It does mean something, because even if you are
    not gay, but your mannerisms are that of a recognizable homosexual trait
    the people around them especially their family will still feel awkward in
    being around them, or introducing them to others who perceive them to be
    the very way they may not be anymore. Gay people are so intolerant it is
    mindboggling. They need everyone in agreement with their chosen way of
    being, but afford no one else the right to choose how they will deal with
    something they do not want in their lives. SMH #HeterophobiaRunAmok

  10. inabluemoon1 says:

    Enabling a mental disorder brought on by trauma either remembered or a
    buried memory before you knew better is not healthy for the person or
    It does not service the world, only self.
    The only evolution is from within.
    Idolizing Government and its propaganda will be our ending.

  11. Nophera . says:

    8:40 I wish my last name was “shizzle”

  12. Jonas Zdanius says:

    Most our pain comes from thinking things aren’t the way they shud be.
    Creation doesn’t make mistakes we all are created equal and deserve freedom
    to life

  13. melonfarmer says:

    The way these “converts” talk and their body language shows that they’re
    clearly still gay. Why they choose to convince themselves that their not
    boggles my mind

  14. Armens Peas says:

    So in conclusion it is not so much Gay Conversion Therapy as it is Gay
    Denial Therapy… fair enough if that’s what they truly want in life :/

  15. Badr M says:

    Wtf . There’s nothing like born gay it’s never happened. 

  16. guydecervens says:

    If they want to ban conversion therapy for minors then they need to ban gay
    propaganda and ‘gender reassignment therapy’ to minors too.

  17. Yaroslav Czykalovsky says:

    That has got to be the gayest weekend any man could experience…

  18. NPHfann says:

    There really isn’t any conflict in this video as much as vice tries to
    structure it that way. The LGTBQ community is fighting for a ban on gay
    conversion therapy on “children” which is decided on by their parents. This
    is reasonable and makes sense. The other side of the video is grown men who
    are not satisfied with who they are and are making a conscious decision to
    try and change that. Nobody, regardless of their experiences can tell those
    men that this is wrong. Those points being said, I fail to see any conflict
    in this video and am puzzled as to why Vice would structure the video in
    such a way as to try and create conflict. Hopefully others notice this too
    and see the truth of the situation.

  19. Eclectic Avenue says:

    There is really a lack of substantial evidence to suggest that childhood
    sexual abuse causes homosexuality. That is a massive error so, whilst
    obviously what happened to that guy is horrible and I really do feel sorry
    for him, it doesn’t relate to homosexuality. There is also a huge
    contradiction from the guy saying it doesn’t change orientation? That is
    really dumb, are they suggesting that “reparative” therapy is used to
    “treat” stereotypical homosexuals? because if so, being camp or queer or
    whatever you would call it is completely separate from homosexuality. Even
    then, there is nothing wrong with those people either. Honestly it is a
    massive waste of resources and funding to have these conversion therapies
    and we should be focusing on helping people accept themselves and realise
    it is normal rather than reinforce the idea that it’s wrong.

  20. nick smith says:

    Y’all a bunch of PUSSIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop focusing on stupid
    fucking religion or being gay. None of it matters. Life is pointless, don’t
    u see through the bullshit? If u gay and happy then be gay! Fuck the
    fucking rules of society. Society will screw you up with lies. We should
    really be debating on cancer cures and saving lives. Not talking about blue
    n black dresses either. Lmao. Come onnnnnn people… Really??? Really???

  21. Stereotypical Kelposaur says:

    We need religion conversion therapy. KILL RELIGION

  22. harry haluester says:

    im a man ,but i like watching lesbian porn is that make me Gay?

  23. quinkadink says:

    *”This is our journey we get to choose how we respond to same sex
    attraction we get to choose what to call ourself and how to, identify and
    how to live our lives, and I respect the right for gays to do that as well
    but DONT take it away from us.”*

    “When they tell me well you need to be true to yourself. Who do they think
    they are for defining for me what being true to myself is?

    This is their life their choice they define them selves not us. We don’t
    know them personally and have no write to judge.

  24. Azphix Xaxa says:

    Not sure why so many of the people commenting are talking shit about people
    that dont feel or want to be gay anymore. They are grown ass men that want
    to be normal and they are in their right to do so. Whats so hard for you
    people to get? let people do what they want, and as they said if you wanna
    be gay you aren’t welcomed in their group anyways, so i dont see where the
    antagonism from the LGBT community is coming from.

  25. atheosxgaming says:

    because nothing gay ever happened at a camp full of guys hanging out and
    doing some drama acting……


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