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Gay Conversion Therapy (Part 1/3)

Watch Part 2 now on VICE: Conversion therapy is the practice of “curing” gay people by trying to turn them straight through counseling and lifestyle restrictions….

25 Responses to “Gay Conversion Therapy (Part 1/3)”

  1. therand0m1talian says:

    Fucked up

  2. matt cole says:

    i lick guys’ assholes , nipples , balls and cock 


    This is bullshit I’m gay I was born gay 

  4. Yoishify says:

    It sucks that these guys aren’t happy with the way they are, but if they
    try to change that what is the problem? It’s not like these camps kidnap

  5. Amie Compton says:

    WAIT to convert gay people they perform live theater in little costumes.

  6. Craig Kiernan says:

    This really fucked up, it makes me more grateful for having an accepting

  7. KingTempa says:

    I’m just wondering, say a male was born alone away from other humans, then
    when he was say, around 20 years old he bumped into a male and a female,
    would he be sexually attracted to either the female or male? I mean i don’t
    believe someone can be born gay, but if they’re immersed into it on a daily
    basis, it might have some kind of affect on them if you get my drift. 

  8. CronicX007 says:

    The world needs more Religion Conversion Therapy.

    Where religious idiots become educated. 

  9. KRiZZxTV says:

    Awesome documentary. If you watch just this first part and you still
    classify these people as “homophobes” you’re an idiot and you’re in denial.
    They’re telling the truth.

  10. Subter says:

    Lets stop you from being gay by doing something super gay

  11. Yazan Sakran says:

    So you want to heal homosexuality by getting old men together with boys
    under 18 and having them do gay* ass boy scouts camp? Wow religion why
    don’t you try to go back yo healing cancer with prayer and leeches. Fucking

  12. TIMSONBOB says:

    0:55 Even men stand up for lesbian rights! 

  13. Benjamin Barnes says:

    Stop with the whole i was born gay thing you might have always been
    attracted to men. But genetically you are predisposed to mate women. When
    you get rid of free will and intelligence and go to basic nature, You are
    suppose to mate with the opposite sex. the reason is we are naturally
    suppose to spread our seed and mate if we didn’t we there would be no human

  14. Teutius says:

    It is up to these men to go to this place, it is under their own will.

    Yes it is bullshit, but this is their wish

    Also, these psycologists really suck at research.
    Homosexuality is natural bud.

  15. BiscuitFever says:

    As long as these people aren’t going after minors, and everyone is
    consenting, I don’t give a shit.

  16. BrOwN3yer0$eBUD says:

    With God all things are possible. Don’t let these homo sympathizers tell
    you that you’re “born that way”. You’re not. There is a cure for your

  17. Technophaze20FFA says:

    this video makes me very sad at the sheer ignorance of homophobes an
    dumbasses in general ,you do know changing ones sexual identity is
    impossible right ? that would be like trying to turn me an other straight
    gay IMPOSSIBLE its who you are an how you where born you dont just change
    gay or choose to be gay just like i never chose to be straight i was born
    straight its who i am ,youd think the populas would of grown out of all
    this religion bullshit by now ,ironic how religions damm gayness yet
    homosexuality is older than any religion lol

  18. Asmah Sattar says:

    Totally unnecessary and waste of energy. It’s contradictory to refer to
    this as “counseling”. Helping someone push their identity away so that they
    are considered “normal”? Acceptance, that’s how you “fix” homosexuality…
    Accepting them and teaching them how to accept themselves. Religion may not
    accept the idea of homosexuality… But religion teaches acceptance of
    everyone’s differences. How about we do that? Ya Allah…. 

  19. HeyLexxxie says:

    Few points I want to make.
    If you want to be a father then adopt there are millions of children who
    need a home.
    If you want to be married move somewhere that accepts gay marriage instead
    of paying that therapy place however much money it is to make you hate
    Stop blaming women for the reason you being gay because there are plenty of
    gay men who aren’t super feminine and you wouldn’t know they are gay till
    they told you.
    Be happy with who you are because it is going to drive you crazy trying to
    change yourself to make others happy.

  20. chillhomie7 says:

    This is way too disturbing for me. I strongly believe that they were just
    born that way and that its just how their brain was wired. Therefore, thats
    the way god made them and we should leave the judging to him. ( this video
    us religious so im talking im a religious perspective )

  21. Ege Sungur says:

    I don’t usually have a problem with religion or religious people as long as
    it genuinely helps them being a better person in general but this is just
    fucking disgusting.

  22. guydecervens says:

    I’m so glad gays are getting the help they need.

  23. AugustAdvice says:

    That’s so sad…the idea that everyone is heterosexual and that
    homosexuality is not natural just isn’t true. If you go far back in
    history, you’ll find homosexuality was in every single era since the dawn
    of time. Heck, even animals hump same-sex animals. Dogs do it all the time.
    But that’s besides the point, homosexuality has been happening ever since
    heterosexuality has been happening. If a man is attracted to a man, there’s
    nothing wrong with that. It is natural, and in actual fact, it helps curb
    the soaring population rates which is so out of control right now it’s
    scary. So if you want to talk about how it’s only natural for a man and a
    woman to reproduce, maybe it’s part of nature’s divine plan to curb
    overpopulation with homosexuality. That’s natural.

  24. Tom Banner says:

    It’s actually so sad to see these men so delusional and confused. No matter
    how much they try and convince themselves they’re straight, they’ll always
    know deep down that they’re not. The only way these tortured men will ever
    be happy is to accept their sexuality.
    It’s interesting how it’s always a straight man that informs everyone that
    being gay is a choice. Plus they’re completely going off stereotypes at the
    end of the video. There is plenty of gay men that don’t sleep around with
    everyone, they don’t do drugs, they don’t smoke, they don’t abuse alcohol,
    they just live a happy life and settle down with a husband and maybe some

  25. Tony Mintz says:

    This is so hard to watch right now. 


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