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GAY CASTRO! – Mar 28, 2015

we explored more of San Francisco! we saw Sutro Baths/Land’s End, the Golden Gate again, Lombard Street, Mrs. Doubtfire’s house, and last but not least, the Castro! Lukas couldn’t get into…

25 Responses to “GAY CASTRO! – Mar 28, 2015”

  1. shep689 says:

    we explore the more gay areas of SF. :D

  2. Astral Flux says:


  3. Zondra Yates says:

    NOW I HAVE A DESTINATION PLACE TO SEE!!! Yay the Mrs. Doubtfire house!!

  4. devchelle2 says:

    It *is* my birthday! Thanks!

  5. andrewrocks10 says:

    I went to SF last week, and i thought the same thing about the Castro! It
    seemed to be a lot smaller than I had expected.

  6. Dots06 says:

    @ 2:04 Will can be so nurturing.

    Stephan is such a lovely young man. 

  7. marshzhang says:

    Thanks for the shout out! Nice meeting you guys last night! Sorry for being
    pretty toasted and likely very embarrassing – blame happy hour.

  8. Lulu Mcgee says:

    Last time I was in the Castro I was sucking face with a girl lols. Ahh
    those were the days. Back when I thought I was into girls lols. Poor
    confused drunken me. Have fun guys. Try to make it to Haight and Ashbury
    its really interesting. Take care and be safe.

  9. Miles Cumminski says:

    This big gay clubs are South of Market. The Castro is just a neighborhood.
    (A very expensive one to live in) Then again I live in the bay area and
    the average 1 bedroom studio in the city is about 2700.00 bucks. It is a
    great place to visit but one expensive fucking place to live! Have fun

  10. Courtney Barrett says:

    You guys should see if you can find the Full House, house haha not sure how
    to write that, but I googled the address. Broderick St, San Francisco, CA

  11. Britt Tant says:

    Isn’t there an lgbt historical museum in san fran? I want to visit it sooo

  12. djmixnmagic says:

    Headphone warning 2:24 – 2:30. OWWWWWwwwww!

  13. Cole Warren says:

    Subtitles for this episode

  14. Jon Brown says:

    Better Castro/San Francisco than Indiana…

  15. hydgurl77 says:

    ok so Lukas is not 21 (yet) so how old are these two Germans? anyone?

  16. 11142002th says:

    San Francisco and cheap do not even go together..LoL. My cousin lives in a
    not so good part of SF in a studio and she still pays 2500 a month for rent

  17. ChaChaDiaries says:

    definitely hit up Delores Park for sunday funday!

  18. Rodrigo Santos says:

    Suddenly came in my mind about how my life is sad: visit youtube and see
    people having wonderful lives and having fun while I sit on the couch
    watching. :/

  19. Olivia springall says:

    its not the crookedest street its the steepest and they only put the zig
    zags there because if they didn’t there would be a lot of accidents because
    a lot of cars brakes would give out because of the incline

  20. Talia Appel-Bernstein says:

    Are you guys doing a meet up while you’re here?

  21. Brenden Y says:

    you guys should come visit montreal. Lots of nice sights, and we also have
    the largest Village in north america, apparently.

  22. Anton Wilkins says:

    I went to San Francisco with my mum and brother in October and we ate at
    the Sausage Factory, it was actually quite good haha. 

  23. R Radoc says:

    OMG We should have met in SF… :)

  24. Paulo Frias says:

    The guys are fucking sexy with this new tanned look. I’m kidnapping them
    all for me lol! You should go to the beach more often since you live in LA.
    That’ll increase your beauty potential ;-)

  25. Ricky7Odriosola says:

    I wish I was able to travel. San Francisco looks amazing! :D


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