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[Gaming] WTF – Christian Minister claims POKEMON can make teens gay Support my channel: PayPal: Patreon: Amazon…

25 Responses to “[Gaming] WTF – Christian Minister claims POKEMON can make teens gay”

  1. MundaneMatt says:
  2. Robo-Brinks says:

    The only thing Pokemon made me do was wonder if the characters ever age….
    I thought I was gonna be immortal until I watched a certain Ed Edd and Eddy

  3. SpectrumUK says:

    “Many Pokemon have a phallic appearance to push teenagers to enjoy this
    type of shapes.”
    Metapod used Harden.

  4. Robo-Brinks says:

    Next they’re gonna say that the Bubble Guppies turned kids into arsonists! 

  5. Jason Armstrong says:

    pokemon is a terrible show but it doesn’t make you gay, well except form
    maybe a certain Christian Weston Chandler (Chris Chan) but i’m pretty
    certain that’s an oddity in itself and the chance of it repeating itself is
    zero to none

  6. Persephone Sixty-Six says:

    My father thought Pokemon meant “gay sex”

  7. HighLevi says:

    I was a gay kid in the 90’s

  8. vcom741 says:

    Mew is supposed to represent the original ancestor to all Pokemon.

  9. Orra says:

    First it was Satanic, now it’s this. What’s next?

  10. we'll bang okay says:

    That’s why I was A digimon kid

  11. NintendoGamer64 says:

    Pokemon makes you gay? Go look up Pokemon with safe search off, I love
    Pokemon, and im as straight as a line, wink wink …..Gardevoir

  12. Hitagi Senjougahara says:

    Well color me a faggot, also Matt not everyone likes boobs, a lot of us
    like just the ASS, I mean look at them, they’re so beautiful.*I LIKE BIG

  13. Legoman200reviews says:

    Had to add that last part? I agreed with you until the end, seriously way
    to be an asshole.

  14. boletusatanicus says:

    I remember stuff like this from the 90s, lol

  15. TheGeckoNinja says:

    does he explain why there are straight fans who grew up with pokemon?
    also i dont think i ever seen charmander caressing his tail

  16. mathphysicsnerd says:

    So let me get this straight…this minister’s name is Dollar?
    And people give him money?

  17. QuietStealthNG says:

    I wanna suck,
    the very best,
    Weiners in the world.

    To fuck them,
    I don’t protest
    To put them on my chest


    It’s you and me!
    Touch me in where I pee!

    I fuck you and you fuck me!

  18. Alena Maas says:

    No. It clearly causes raaaaaaaaape and muhsoggyknees. Get it right cis

  19. Toy Chica says:

    Wait……..Huh? But I’m not gay…..and I was a massive Pokenerd in
    school…….I don’t exclusivly eat carpet…..

  20. Nate Johnson says:

    I think your sexuality can be influenced when you’re a little, I think it
    goes into a much deeper level though not just some tv show. Who knows, im
    not a scientist tho but thats what i think.

  21. JezzeBoy says:

    Well… I was born in 1990, & I was obsessed with pokemon growing up! Toys,
    Games, Cards, Movies, anything pokemon I loved…

    And I’m a Gay guy… I doubt Pokemon made me Gay though. That’s just dumb!

    But the fact that I’m Gay, & grew up watching pokemon will make religious
    nuts think these pastors are correct. 

  22. qsqua says:

    Sounds like a total Anita Sarkeesian to be hunting for subliminal messages
    when there are none. Someone has been off his meds.

  23. Nodrog666 says:

    Let’s be real. Are we really surprised by church leaders saying crazy shit

  24. Glaceonics says:

    Pokemon… isnt real? nu… NU!


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