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25 Responses to “FUNNY SINGING & BEATBOX TROLLING – “YOU SOUND GAY” (Funny Beatbox Trolling Moments)”

  1. Myrella Fernandez says:

    first comment

  2. The Turtle Crew Gaming says:

    Toast you’re an inspiration man, STAY CLASSY!!

  3. Jedric Arenas says:

    1st comment

  4. Lewis Carr says:

    Tenth view first comment #undertenthclub

  5. Qmze says:

    Let’s start a story Once” upon a time…

  6. SoCloseToToast says:

    Hope you toasters enjoy some more singing and beatbox trolling!

  7. SoCloseToToast says:
  8. GoldenBarMC says:

    Ur profile picture has a big nose

  9. Asian Gamer says:

    nice vds toast love them the vids that l like the most are beatboxing

  10. Cookie Monster™ says:

    The kid at the end.. “No!”

  11. gamingwithtooley 55 says:

    So close to fast please like my comment please I want to feel loved

  12. Jordan Rossiter says:

    Toast man you inspired me to beatbox (2year and 8month on and off) please
    keep your Beatboxing up I wub u toast ❤️

  13. byyClassy says:

    Lmao best friend chief keef

  14. donte rosewarne says:

    +soclosetotoast you make my day <3

  15. Totein says:

    Call of duty 4, damn the nostalgia! the last good call of duty.

  16. Eduardo Bojorquez says:

    You have Mexican fans:3

  17. Comstock15 says:

    Beatbox more fuck and you, you’re base more damn 

  18. David Esmailyan says:

    toast love your vids and all but there not the same anymore can you do some
    more beatboxing in the beatbox funny moments vids not hatin just suggeting

  19. Dayton Stewart says:

    What’s that best friend song called? 

  20. Carson Brown says:

    I gave you 666 likes. Your welcome 

  21. Grant Snyder says:

    So awesome to see you doing some more awesome beatbox cod videos!!!

  22. Salem Dank says:

    You talk about some weird shit lad 

  23. Beats By says:

    Let’s Vocalchopp battle Toast like you got nothing on my vocalchooopping 

  24. gabriel flores says:

    Tost do you still play with keemstar or not because his channels down

  25. DumDieDumb says:

    SoCloseToToast make some more agt audition troll videos pls <3


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