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louis: I’m gay it’s pretty unfortunate security: please be quiet liam: I can’t believe you just said that LOUIS TOMLINSON SAYS “I’M GAY IT’S PRETTY UNFORTUNATE” #ImGayItsPrettyUnfortunate…

25 Responses to “FULL VIDEO LOUIS TOMLINSON SAYS “I’M GAY IT’S PRETTY UNFORTUNATE” #ImGayItsPrettyUnfortunate Twitter”

  1. Kim DeBoer says:

    And if you look to the left you see the entire fandom losing their shit

  2. Chloeee Horatomlinstyles says:


  3. Rhoda Wellner says:

    Seriously, I must need to get my hearing checked. I hear “fortunate”, not

  4. Teresa Pizana says:

    this is actually laughable, louis never said “i’m gay” someone else
    obviously said something that sounded like the word gay, and louis said
    “it’s pretty unfortunate” listen harder jfc

  5. Perla D says:


  6. Liliana Di Gregorio says:

    Sarà che sono italiana e di Inglese capisco 2 parole sì e 4 no… ma io ho
    sentito ”I’m gay”! Il mio sogno si avvera!! T-T Larry is real!! <3
    Poi, come ho già detto potrebbe aver detto qualsiasi altra cosa eh… xD

  7. Maddy Bason says:

    I’m hearing “I don’t get it” and not gay. Let’s not forget he still has a
    pretty thick accent

  8. Heather Bonilla says:

    He said “I’m okay, it’s pretty fortunate isn’t it Eleanor”

    Don’t hate me but it’s what he said, chill TF out larryshippers don’t get
    your head twisted until we literally find out what he said. This is what I

  9. Noemi Paniagua says:

    This is what I heard…Louis: “I’m gay its pretty unfortunate” and then
    “isn’t it eleanor”…and then I heard “be quiet”

  10. Abigail Jimenez says:

    Ja ja es enserio!! Jamas lo dice no inventen escuchen primero

  11. Tamirah Gibbs says:

    I ship Larry but if he said im gay im pretty sure the fans would not have
    reacted like that they would have freaked out they stayed pretty calm

  12. BakkonPankake says:

    elenour shippers: …
    larry shippers: …
    elenour shipers: …
    larry shippers: … hate to say i told you but… 

  13. Ayeisha Debbache says:

    well I hate say “I told you so” but I told you so haha. To those who are
    saying that it wasn’t Louis who said that, like seriously? Louis has a very
    unique voice, alongside the cute accent he has, so there’s no point in
    denying it wasn’t him talking, because it was.

    To those who are saying, “well he’s drunk, so don’t believe him” ever heard
    the saying, drunk words are sober thoughts hmm? :) The thing is though,
    even if you can’t hear Louis’s exact words, doesn’t it seem strange that
    someone (security) tells him to “be quiet?” hm? and then Liam says “I can’t
    believe you said that”. Why would those little comments been made if hadn’t
    of said anything he’s not supposed too?

    The thing that pisses me off though is you instantly believe “I’m in fact
    straight” (which weren’t from his direct mouth) yet when he mentions “gay”
    directly, you don’t believe him?

    This whole thing about Louis will just show who the REAL fans are. The
    “fans” who are leaving the fandom, just becoz Louis has (finally) admitted
    that he is gay, well goodbye! Becoz we do not need you. A true fan doesn’t
    care what sexuality the boys are, the only thing that should matter is
    their happiness. If Louis is happy, then so be it. Why should it be a
    massive problem? And the fact that now Eleanor has suddenly appeared again
    with Louis goes to show that there IS SOMETHING GOING ON! You cannot deny
    it. It just frustrates me so much that people are still unaccepting of
    sexuality. I mean seriously?

    To those who have insulted Louis, go and fuck yourself. Literally go! WE DO
    Louis (or the boys) don’t care about you idiots, they only care about the
    real fans, who will support them no matter what. How can you even insult
    Louis? It’s his life, not yours.

    I just don’t understand how anyone can even think of insulting Louis! Like
    what is there to say bad about him? He is flawless, unique, perfect, funny,
    amazing. He has a heart of pure gold. He uses his time off tour to do
    charity games, raising money. He is always so sweet and genuine to fans. He
    has a smile that can light up the world. The happiness he has just radiates
    from him. I couldn’t ask for a better idol, becoz Louis is perfect.
    I guess all I can say is goodbye fake fans, thanks to you, Louis will know
    who the REAL fans are and you’ve made it easier to be noticed by him, so
    thanks! Haha.

  14. Toni Quinn says:

    *smiles in corner* I told yall! I told you it was happening in February! I
    told you. Ha! *composes self* 

  15. maria pia Micallef says:

    I’m pretty sure he said “I’m gay. It’s pretty unfortunate isn’t it
    Eleanor?”. You can call me all sort of names but I’m almost positive he
    said that. Some people say that he only said “It’s pretty unfortunate” but
    it doesn’t make sense. The “Im gay” part was definitely Louis voice and how
    would you explain Liam saying “I can’t believe you just said that”. I don’t
    ship anything but come on, you can clearly hear him say “I’m gay”

  16. Mary Charisse Lurenana says:

    It could be a joke.. Like what if he was just kidding? This is Louis we’re
    talking about… he jokes around all the time.. right?

  17. Charley Gregory says:

    He said and i quote ‘Same Day, Pretty Unfortunate’ The Girl said to him My
    birthday is on the 24th of December too and thats when he said and the
    security said that because of how it sounded and how it would be perceived
    and Liam said that as i was kinda sassy but that why we love Louis

  18. Jiggly Ash says:

    I heard correctly. And what I heard was Louis finally coming out. I
    seriously can’t wait for the next interview tbh and I always thought Harry
    would come out first lol.. But you know what I wonder? What he said after
    the video.. Before it ended I heard him say “Well I’ll take-” but then it
    cut off. What if he said “well I’ll take being gay to being in a fake
    relationship with someone I don’t love.” Or something like that? Just
    leaving that there in your heads

  19. Aduke Webb says:

    As a larry shipper, I want so much for this to be real but it’s not
    reliable. The only thing I hear Louis say is “it’s pretty
    unfortunate/fortune,isn’t it Eleanor?” And the person who filmed it claims
    that a fan said that he and Louis share the same birthday. The voice that
    supposedly says “I’m gay” isn’t even Louis’ voice. You guys better calm
    down before we get Larry Stylinson late 2013 again.

  20. Abigail Jimenez says:

    Sera por que los odia!! Es por eso de vdd preg a alguien mas yo no lo

  21. Taylor swiftie says:

    There are so many interpretations of what he said and honestly it is really
    hard to tell… People are just hearing what they want to hear and what
    they believe 

  22. kierra marie says:

    Other saying he said “same day” referring to his birthday being on the same
    day as a fan but no way in hell is he saying day you can here the g 

  23. Dara Hearts says:

    Ys know gay means two things… To be really happy or to like the same

  24. Makayla Hamilton says:

    Eleanor shippers keep saying he said ” Same Day” if he said same day why
    would security say” be quiet” and Liam said ” I can’t believe you just said

  25. Zoe Sauceda says:

    Now all we need is Dan and/or Phil


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