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Fox News Guest Compares Being Gay To Being A Dog

“Moral panic was palpable on “Fox & Friends” this morning when co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck interviewed radio personality Tammy Bruce and psychologist Susan Lipkins to discuss a lesson…

25 Responses to “Fox News Guest Compares Being Gay To Being A Dog”

  1. DiglettUser says:

    Why do christians always say atheists are arrogant for not believing in
    their god? They say that you have to approach the subject of the creation
    of the universe with humility, but isn’t claiming a god exists and also
    loves you the ultimate form of egocentrism?

  2. BleuBorn says:

    Fox News is horse shit. Actual horse shit. If me being gay makes me a dog,
    I’d rather be a dog than a damn plunger next to a toilet like the people
    who anchor and are guests on Fox ‘News’..

  3. Ian Israel says:

    Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s throat looks like a Vagina.

  4. Singularity Bound says:

    Wow I cant believe she said that last thing…
    So lets just go back to her crap being a choice then.. A lil brain wiring
    and she can be fixed. Oh wait..she was BORN that way.
    The Gay community has some of the most closed minded people Ive ever met. I
    mean talk about hypocrites.
    I cant stand people that associate this with wanting to be Japanese or a
    Learn to think…
    She’s in the community for the same reason all assholes go like her go; to
    make an excuse; exception for herself.

  5. Viktor Nekrestyanov says:

    Fuck Jesus, I’d rather worship the nine divines & go to Sovngarde…

  6. KAMbam says:

    “The parents weren’t informed” Yeah they don’t inform parents when they
    teach about murderers and wars like Hitler and WWII, yet teaching them that
    there are people who aren’t happy with how they were born is too offensive
    to not warn the parents? Honestly what the fuck

  7. Sean Bouffard says:

    “The horror of teaching kids about reality” – Fox News

  8. KMC says:

    FOX News: We’ll bring on a Black Person, to trash Black People. And we’ll
    bring on a Gay Person, to trash LGBT People.

    The real sad part is, there are LGBT people in the World, especially young
    people, that literally Hate themselves and end up resorting to suicide
    because of people like this.

  9. Plebeian says:

    Full disclosure –

    I am a white male who identifies as a black lesbian…

  10. E. Howard Hunt says:

    This is when liberals sound bat shit crazy. 

  11. sprybug says:

    Isn’t it funny how conservatives complain when there is pandering to
    liberals, yet this is all perfectly fine when it works in their favor. The
    hypocrisy once again.

  12. Red Meth says:

    Fox “News” has the reach to pull in a gay sellout? By the way, if black
    sellouts, are Uncle Toms, and Hispanic sellouts are Uncle Juan’s, what are
    lesbian sellouts called? What are gay sellouts called? Just wondering.

  13. That Guy 007 says:

    I must preface this statement by saying I am fully open to corrections and
    suggestions. I always feel sorry for transgender people, because it seems
    like (at most) all they will ever be able to do is transform themselves
    into some warped version of the other sex. A male changing to a female
    could eventually have something that “somewhat” resembles a vagina, but
    never be able to have a period or have a child (essentially never have a
    uterus). Conversely, a woman changing to a man may be able to take enough
    hormones to grow something that minimally resembles a penis, but without
    the aid of advanced science, never be able to use a fully functional
    penis… or for that matter never be able to actually ejaculate. But,
    maybe the use and functionality of our reproductive organs has nothing to
    do with how one identifies themselves. Any alternate opinions on the
    subject would be greatly appreciated.

  14. duo1666 says:

    Public Schools dont need parental permission. Soooooo go fuck yourselves
    fox. Education doesnt need your permission. Dont like it? Pony up the cash
    for a private school or shut up.

  15. Livenderrr says:

    Look who we have here, Cenk Uygur. The Armenian Genocide denier.

    Fuck you, you scumbag.

  16. AprilsMoon92 says:

    Wow, faux news even failed with bringing on someone of the same type of the
    lgbt umbrella. Like bringing on a lesbian to talk about trans issues is
    like bringing on a man to talk about women’s issues (oh wait faux news does
    that). But then again faux news is like ‘fuck what the letters stand for,
    they’re all the exact same’.

    Also, she compared trans people to dogs, not gay people. Please change the
    title since not all trans people are gay and vice versa…

    Anyways, fuck these dipshit parents who are just full of hate, they really
    should never had been parents in the first place, what would happen if one
    of their kids came out as trans? 

  17. Atheism-is-Unstoppable-4 says:

    Hmm….fascinating. The Armenian Genocide happened.

  18. Alvin Elmore says:

    TYT needs to change its name to TYG. Like literally every other story is
    about something gay.

  19. christian almli says:

    Teaching five year olds about the nuances of the world at that age simply
    for the sake of tolerance is juat silly. Give em a couple years to at least
    locate their own dicks first.

  20. The Royal Fool - Sigmun Lloyd says:

    Right at the end he is absolutely correct! “You don’t have a right to not
    be offended”. I try explaining that to people and they don’t seem to get
    it. You can “be offended” all you want, but you don’t have a right to “not
    be offended”.

    If you want that right to “not be offended” move to Iran or some other
    religiously run country.

  21. Nepraktický člověk says:

    1:16 – “One mom said that her first grader is asking her if he is in fact
    Holy shit! Kids are asking questions, what a tragedy!

  22. David Gutowski says:

    As children we also have imaginary friends… some of us grow out of that,
    and some just start calling him god.

  23. Florence MacKenna says:

    Actually “Fox News Guest Compares Being Transgender To Being A Dog”

    Otherwise, good video.

  24. Vladimir Putin says:

    In my opinion I think transgenderism is stupid, like I have no problem if
    someone wants to dress like the opposite sex or act like them or even have
    a sex change, it isnt my business, but I think its stupid because you cant
    just be born the opposite sex, your sex is determined by whats between your
    legs, not what you feel, yeah theres varying testosterone levels but if
    your a boy with very low testosterone levels it doesnt make you a girl.

  25. HConstantine says:

    So the young Turks don’t know the difference between being gay and being

    In any case, “Where is the fetus going to gestate? In a box?”


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