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Was The First Recorded Gay Couple From Ancient Egypt? Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum (Yep. That’s their names) ASK ARIELLE A QUESTION : One on One With …


  1. Niamh Myers says:

    I’ve actually read up on this! I definitely think they were lovers. 

  2. María Loaiza says:

    you help me understand my sexuality thanks you so much and give me so much
    hope to be accepted … you should do a video about how different is to be
    a lesbian in usa or erope compared with latin america here is quite

  3. FlatScreenNinja says:

    Well first documented. 

  4. awesomegleek123 says:

    Im gonna go with twincest for 400 arielle

  5. gabrielle leger says:

    i love you arielle!!!! x you make my day! ^.^

  6. cynthia brinley says:

    they were so banging 

  7. karizi kay says:

    I think it was love. just becuz it was a long time ago doesn’t mean Ppl
    didn’t have same sex couples. whether they were brothers or lovers or
    whatever I hope Ppl look at this for inspiration. Even back then there were
    gays lesbians transexuals and bisexuals. Just rememeber to be yourself.

  8. keith hirsch says:

    in ancient Egypt the depiction of hunting was used as a metaphor for hot
    raunchy….intercourse, and sexual prowess. the fact that the other man was
    in the wife’s seating position and was depicted “hunting” with him….ya
    they where ether a legitimate married couple or they where just partners.

  9. alg11297 says:

    Why are there no pictures of them engaging in sex? Egyptians have left us
    thousands of papyrus and wall decorations and not a single one shows gay
    sex of either sex. You think they just missed it?

  10. Stacey Marshall says:

    Their birth names are known and very brook back ( no offence) they where
    not blood related if you know the great doubted story it is these are two
    guys who had a life but loved each other ( in that time it was ok in the
    bible to have relationships with the same sex) considering Adam and Eve
    procreated with their own, then God decided nooooooooooo I’m changing this,
    but a beautiful untold love story even then back in the day yes folks ppl
    had homosexual feelings (even thought the word sickens me) as in a label 

  11. Michael_C says:

    Dating for sure

  12. Laura Schwartz says:

    Please look up the janto ship (jack and ianto) it is actually a open
    display of a gay relationship on a live action tv show 

  13. Livmylifelivi says:

    Damn Arielle. Please. Come here and be my tutor! ;) 

  14. Jamie Stroud says:

    Eskimo kisses in Egypt, how cuteeeeeeee! <3

  15. Jacqueline Cuilty says:

    Well it is definitely something to ponder. These paintings and so called
    proof was shown however people may interpret things differently especially
    something so long ago. But that makes me wonder because being gay was not
    always popular and back then it would seem like death penalty was in order
    if gayness was ever found to be! So making themselves ” obvious” you could
    say doesn’t seem like something gay people would do if not accepted, unless
    your like me and kiss your girl In front of the whole lunch room, but any
    ways that doesn’t mean that people weren’t gay because there has always
    been gay people since the beginning of time they have been out there. But
    back then a lot of closets were ” full” ! So were they gay and didn’t care
    and didn’t try to hide it or did people make assumptions ( assumming makes
    an ass out of u and me)

  16. Untrained Slackers says:

    Awesome I love these gay history videos you are doing! 

  17. Manoela Miranda says:

    loving your LGBT history, both here and on Facebook. you’re doing great
    work! …….also, LOVE the cat shirt!!

  18. LadyRissie says:

    History lessons from Arielle are way better than History lessons at school.

  19. Ioana Răducanu says:

    They might’ve been incestuos lovers or just lovers. In one of the pictures
    one of them has hi arm around the other’s shoulder, a sign of submission
    generally seem in noble wives if i am not mistaken. The nose touching was
    also pretty intimate. They should have wives even if they are gay, because
    that was just life back then. Their names might mean brothers, or lovers,
    but however you take it, they are clearly at least lovers. I think.

  20. Salma ElKafrawy says:

    If they really were the first ancient gay couple, that would be so ironic
    giving the fact that here in Egypt, people get arrested everyday from their
    own houses if the police some how suspects gay sex. 

  21. Catalin Dimitrescu says:

    Lovers. For sure. :-D

  22. Jessica Carpenter says:

    So It was kind of Ancient Egypt’s version of Brokeback Mountain? You like
    they went “hunting together” and “fishing together” however always went
    back to their wives? ….just saying that is a possibility also.

  23. Arismel Hernandez says:

    I doubt it. I mean back then religion was hardcore so I doubt this two were
    accepted as a couple without people feeling disgusted by them but maybe I’m
    wrong either i hope they find more picture about them being more intimate 

  24. username1nmillion says:

    +GirlfriendsTV +Arielle Scarcella Let’s see what the dead sea scrolls have
    to say…Or author Dan Brown? ;) 

  25. Yuval shiran says:

    They were lovers (; 


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