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Fired For Being Gay

Today I answer your questions and then talk about something pretty serious. Have you ever been in a situation like this or known someone who has been discriminated against in any way? Tell…

25 Responses to “Fired For Being Gay”

  1. PsychoSoprano says:

    Please be kind and loving in the comments! Being hateful and mean will not
    help get your point across. I love you all! :)

  2. PsychoSoprano says:
  3. Ally Miller says:

    I hate how people use religion as an excuse for disliking other people
    because of their sexual orientation/ or if they’re transgender. I am
    Catholic and what I think the bottom line/ moral of the story to
    Christianity in general is that God is a forgiving God and so if He can
    forgive, then so should we and we should not make excuses like sexual
    orientation to judge a person but to judge them for their character.

  4. Samantha_L_U says:

    You’re correct. Everyone who does work in a religious school should be a
    role model in that way. It makes me mad that this happened but I also feel
    as if everyone who is normal makes quick judgement. I don’t personally
    believe lgbt is wrong. I am very religious based on my pass story and so
    have hope that not all religious people are against. 

  5. Walki says:

    Christianity teaches love. Christians don’t support homosexuality but they
    shouldn’t hate homosexuals. Hate the sin not the sinner. “Christians” who
    are hateful towards homosexuals are just hateful people and not real
    Christians. Many people only see the hateful religious people that the
    media shows and not the real loving Christians. 

  6. Flying Pig says:

    Being gay is a sin. Is it wrong? It depends on the person and their
    beliefs. But it is in fact a sin in the bible. Simple as that. Having a gay
    person go to a religious school brings a bad name to the school and church.
    That’s what the bible says.

    I’m not saying that I agree or disagree. I’m just stating a fact.

    Personally I believe that it’s her and her wifes problem and not yours.
    (^This is just my opinion^)

  7. Moe Othman says:

    *I was disowned by my family for being gay, it was and still is the most
    heart breaking experience of my life. It made me a lot stronger though, and
    having my viewers supporting me all the way has helped tremendously. I just
    dont see how a parent can lose all their love for their child for something
    like this.*

    I’m going to be an amazing parent, I can’t wait.

  8. Michael Highwind says:

    Religion is hypocritical in itself. At least that’s what I’ve learned from
    anyone who uses religion as a tool to justify their hate; rather that be
    from using it to justify enslaving a race based on skin color to oppressing
    a group because they happen to be born a woman and everything in-between.
    The bible doesn’t just speak about homosexuality being a sin, but bravo to
    those that cherry pick – keep those tattoos, and shaving of the beards up!

    When I see someone mention the bible as a logical reason to deny marriage
    to two adults, to me, they’re an idiot, hypocritical, and clearly have
    never actually read the bible. Seriously. Have you read it? Basically if
    you’re happy, it’s a sin.

    To fire someone based on sexuality and not due to their work ethic is
    just…, well, idiotic, regardless if this is a religious school. 

  9. Barnaby West says:

    Im a christian, but there is nkmway in would fire someone based on their
    sexuality. No, I don’t agree with homosexuality, but instill love the
    person. God says to hate the sin, not the sinner, and the so called
    “christians” you see protesting seem to have forgotten that :(

  10. Shameer Prata says:

    I’m a muslim and i fully and proudly support the LGBT community.

  11. Hwan Gaeul says:

    What’s ironic by the “LGBT community” is that they discriminate against
    asexuals and those who are within the asexual spectrum.. and I’ve seen them
    discriminate towards other minorities. It’s insane the amount of shit we
    get from them. You would think that people who get discriminated against
    would not do it themselves, but that’s not the case at all. I guess idiots
    will be idiots.

  12. thesheepthatwentmooo says:

    I uploaded a video on the subject of homosexuality and I was amazing at the
    amount of people who are so hateful of others’ choices! I understand people
    have opinions (not necessarily opinions I agree with) and I’m not trying to
    castrate them for having those opinions…. but it’s when they diminish
    others for merely being who they are that I feel like performing a full
    penis amputation.

  13. Daan Jordens says:

    why are their groups? gay, Bi, straight… Why can’t just everyone be ok
    with a girl or a boy coming home with his girlfriend or boyfriend. I want
    my son or daughter to come home with whether a guy or a girl. I don’t mind.
    As long as their happy. They don’t have to “come out” to me. I think
    “coming out” is a horrible experience, and we don’t need that in the 21
    century. People need to change.

    Just some thoughts inspired by another Colleen video (and I share this
    opinion a 100% …) BE OPEN MINDED PEOPLE!

  14. Rebekah Lambourn says:

    Well, god didn’t design us to be gay so it is still a sin, but I still hope
    everything goes okay for them and they are happy. Xxx

  15. Eve Cornwell says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that illegal? You would be jailed for
    that in the UK, because that is job discrimination or even just homosexual
    discrimination? In America there must be a law protecting the rights of gay
    people, and particularly a law against unfair discrimination? 

  16. Harrison Kam says:

    Soooooooo happy you’re back! Oh and I love Kory’s shirt haha that’s me
    right there!

  17. Di Cuteness says:

    How dare they go after someone for their personal life. They should fire
    all of the priest who molest children. Hows that!!!!????

  18. Sara B says:

    I hate how the media is always criticising Christianity. I mean majority of
    gay marriages occur in churches, have you ever seen a gay marriage in a
    temple or synagogue? Nope. 

  19. The yesica show says:

    You can see threw here shirt

  20. Robotico says:

    The only time that the bible said anything about homosexuals was a part
    where it said that you must marry the opposite sex.

  21. Abigail Butcher says:

    My mum walked in when they were doing the splits on the bed

  22. Sera Uusihakala says:

    Christians seem to forget the Jesus was known for hanging out with outcasts
    and treating them with respect. If Jesus were alive today, LGBTQ people
    would be his buddies. 

  23. Hannah Rupp says:

    You two are my favorite best friends on YouTube!! Thank you for shining
    light on a bigger issue and using your platform to raise awareness. You’re
    doing YouTube right!

  24. Kristina W. says:

    Thank you so much for supporting the community.

    Just a tiny request: could you please call it LGBTQ, LGBT+ or LGBTQ+
    community? That way, over 6 more orientations would be included and openly
    addressed (it wouldn’t be much of a big deal, but many people only know of
    those three orientations)

    Thank you <3

  25. Isaac Fowler says:

    KORY YOUR YOUTUBE CRUSHES ARE MEEE OMG (excluding Ricky,,,, sorrz rickers)


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