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Finally some good news for pensioners

If you weren’t aware already, the Pensioner Concession Card (PCC) will be re-issued from October 9 this year. 

The Department of Human Services posted on their website that the PCC would be restored for people who stopped being eligible for a pension payment due to changes to the asset test earlier this year. 

Veteran finance expert Noel Whittaker wrote for The Sydney Morning Herald that a departmental spokesperson had confirmed the PCC would be reinstated to more than 92,000 former pension recipients. 

That figure includes 3,600 Department of Veterans’ Affairs payment recipients. 

Whittaker wrote that the government’s decision to reinstate the PCC would assist people to maximise concessions as well as allow them discounts in each state, territory or private provider. 

The PCC and some people who were receiving a pension lost those entitlements on January 1 this year when the assets test was “rebalanced” which resulted in those people losing access to a range of concessions even though their income or assets hadn’t changed. 

“Consistent with the Health Care Card and Commonwealth Seniors Health Card they currently have, the PCC will be automatically reissued over time with an ongoing income and assets test exemption” Whittaker wrote.

“Other eligibility requirements, such as portability conditions, will still need to be met.”

Those who have their PCC reinstated will also be able to keep their Commonwealth Seniors Health Card in order to continue receiving the Energy Supplement. 

According to Whittaker, the Health Care Card will become redundant and will be deactivated. 

Did you lose your pension concession card? 


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