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Fast Food Aquarium – Epic Meal Time

We’ve been developing this idea for two years. Allow us to present, the Fast Food Aquarium! LIKE/FAVORITE and SHARE for new meals every week! Need tools to cook with? Order the cooking arsenal: …

25 Responses to “Fast Food Aquarium – Epic Meal Time”

  1. Epic Meal Time says:
  2. LadyAllegra55 says:

    Oh I hope you REALLY cleaned that aquarium out…god only knows how many
    fish have died in that thing lol.

  3. LadyAlice says:

    I’m 55% water, so you can eat 55% of me. 

  4. Kamilla A says:

    what the hell is jellow?

  5. Lisa Inglese says:

    You can eat me, my family won’t press charges

  6. MegaJeffsta says:


  7. HerbertDach says:

    U guys aren´t funny, u waste a lot of food (probably every ****in week) and
    u advertise alcohol…. and u get rich with it :) I love our century

  8. DJ Qua dinero beatz says:

    Ha and People say they are running of ideas ! Eat dick.

  9. SGT stockade says:

    eat me, like my organs are bacon

  10. Glen Lauderdale says:

    I guess it’s safe to say that Epic Meal Time has sunk to new “depths”! Get
    it? ’cause it’s about the ocean? Anyone? …

    I’ll show myself out.

  11. John Bello says:

    Take me, coat me in spiced flour, eggs, and then breadcrumbs, wrap me in
    bacon, deep-fry me,put me in a sandwich with cheese and more bacon, and
    while you’re at it, you might aswell wrap the sandwich itself in bacon too,
    throw it in the oven, take me back out, cut me in half and then FUCKING EAT
    ME !!

  12. Liv'sLife says:

    Eat me. I’m 75% water anyway

  13. straya beatz says:

    Your going to eat water, impossible. So you’ll have to freeze it, but who
    eats ice? So by ice u mean crystal meth. So next episode your teaching us
    how to make crystal meth? Awesome :)

  14. SillyWaffleFace says:

    Guys, stop asking where muscles glasses is. They killed him. He died of

  15. SincereDoper says:

    way to waist all those food and jelo.

    you could have donate this to starve african kids. smh

  16. GODofBUDR gamingchannel says:

    EAT ME all 6ft 8in OF ME, DO IT

  17. Josh Bicknell says:

    You lost me at jelly

  18. Dr.Creepypasta says:

    eat a pasta of me

  19. Kennilarsen1 says:

    That looks awesome.

  20. Dracula says:

    Eat me either way. 

  21. ChokMan555 says:

    Starving children in africa could eat the fish tank.

  22. Craniu2 says:

    so u guys r making food and not even eating it fully, whilst people starve
    in Bagnladesh…

  23. Danny Gonzalez says:

    This doesn’t look like bacon and booze anymore it’s like Bob the Builder
    gets hungry or some shit

  24. Kasaix says:

    Eat me! No one would press charges.

  25. YT_Add¡cted says:

    everytime i watch a video of EpicMealTime i think of poor children in
    Africa, butt fuck them, we already gave a lot of money to them. Go and do
    something with it


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