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Fallout continues over Ernie Chambers comments controversy

Fallout continues for Nebraska Senator Ernie Chambers Thursday after he made comments comparing police to the terrorist group ISIS.

4 Responses to “Fallout continues over Ernie Chambers comments controversy”

  1. Bezz80 says:

    race baiting

  2. Fly Rod Bass Bum says:

    Bezz 80’s brain; Too small to succeed.

  3. abel wayne says:

    What a fucking moron. They should have had the police remove him from the

    Listen you stupid old son of a bitch, I know plenty of Blacks who would
    agree with me, you are a doddering fool and unworthy to serve in office.
    Anyone with this sort of language should be investigated and arrested, by
    the same officers he slandered.


  4. Ghenghy says:

    He’s 100% correct. Thats the problem.


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