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Dishwasher Lasagna – Handle It

Ever want to make a lasagnas in the dishwasher? Ya, didn’t think so. Well here it is anyways! LIKE/FAVORITE and SHARE for new meals every week! And order the COOKBOOK from any of these links:.

25 Responses to “Dishwasher Lasagna – Handle It”

  1. denzell washington says:

    What the actual fuck…?

  2. Water Melon says:

    I hate lasagna, but I love pasta.
    it’s the same thing, dafuq

  3. Epic Meal Time says:
  4. Cevyn Injekkt says:


    Didn’t EMT already upload a Dishwasher Lasagna a year ago? 

  5. Dio Brando says:

    hm im pretty sure there was an episode about cooking lasagna in the
    dishwasher already

  6. Anthony Hanahan says:

    looks nasty

  7. Frisp says:

    Is it allready 1 April again ?

  8. DonNorway says:

    People jest about it, but a dishwasher is actually a really good appliance
    for cooking. However I wouldn’t cook my lasagna that way – too moist.
    Fish, on the other hand, and thin slices of meat are perfect for this
    ,ethod of cooking.

  9. Barraccuda says:

    Epic Meal Time is going down the shitter

  10. Floris Campagne says:

    Is the baking time the same if you would use the oven?

  11. lifehacker123 says:

    Now do it using a toaster. 

  12. Tim Janda says:

    Lol have you ever seen italian lasagne ?

  13. Josh Bilow-Morin says:

    I don’t understand how some people dislike lasagna ;-; it’s a pasta cake
    for crying out loud lol

  14. Kabalyst says:

    bother with the salt (which is in the bacon and sausage, as well as the
    herbs for the sauce) then you add fuckin 20g of italian seasoning that
    lasagna must have tasted like literal shit. Like literally dirt and shit.

  15. kajari osborne says:

    I’m no chef but aren’t you suppose to boil the pasta first before layering

  16. Jon Luna says:

    Cousin Dave tries too hard to be funny

  17. WackyTurtle says:

    Don’t be stupid and cook it in a dishwasher. You’re most likely get food

  18. Daniel Hernandez says:

    Al put my dick in the food

  19. Joe Mazzola says:

    This is the first time I’ve ever regretted not having a dishwasher.

  20. Jonesy says:

    Needs *MOAR* liquor!

  21. Yeah Bee says:

    weird to not fry the onions first (or together with the bacon)

  22. Karol Skoczykłoda says:


  23. phaerless says:

    Looks like one failed lasagne to me.

  24. AvengerXP says:

    I know its possible to cook with saran wrap around food if its in aluminium
    but I would never trust it, I would be way too scared of any part melting.
    A dishwasher is about 170F and the melting point of wrap is slightly above

  25. HorsesIC says:

    Holy shit what are you doing sir.


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