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Dessert Deserted Island – Epic Meal Time

If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? LIKE/FAVORITE and SHARE for new meals every week! Need tools to cook with?…

25 Responses to “Dessert Deserted Island – Epic Meal Time”

  1. Noorjot Mander says:

    Like this comment for pussy and bacon. Ignore this comment for veggies and
    Miley cyrus

  2. Noorjot Mander says:

    Comment for bacon. Like for Nutella. C

    Let’s see who wins

  3. Thomas Boogren says:

    Wow children in afreeka coulda a8 dose deserts wowe

  4. Epic Meal Time says:
  5. CobraTrouser says:

    this video was my only entertainment at 2:20 a.m.

  6. electrokinetic says:

    Your absence of bacon is…disturbing.

  7. SB Zird says:

    Ok Im not colorblind this is green water. If I learn Im colorblind its
    definitely not gonna be on youtube lol

  8. xiTzN HD says:

    WINSTOOOOOOOON!!!!! No… He’s been eaten… Ill NEVER FORGET YOU!!!!! 

  9. Stan Marsh says:

    2:31 you forgot the censor 

  10. Sujay Shrestha says:

    Am I the only one waiting for the day they run out of ideas of what to

  11. Marcos Amparo says:

    One day Jimmy went to school with a basket full of 10 fucks, after school
    was over he came back with the same full basket.

    How many fucks did she gave out at school?

  12. DJ Qua dinero beatz says:

    I’m pretty sure I’m not color blind and that was green and not blue.

  13. Moraisen Yo says:

    where is muscles glasses damn

  14. TheGreatHdGamerr says:

    Waffles or pancakes……..and yes it has nothing to do with the video :)

  15. Rayne Kraven says:

    a cameo of Tom Hanks would have been great!

  16. Philip Nyman says:

    Like this if you got hungry sometime during the video.

  17. Max Sawyer says:

    Where the hell is the bacon?

  18. MetalucardXX says:

    +Epic Meal Time make an volcano with bacon and a lot of meat and hot sauce
    oo yeah

  19. 谷口一郎 says:

    Lol love the blatantly obvious product placement.. Boom $10k

  20. SPCBRAWLERZ says:


  21. Obi Wan Cannoli says:

    So i guess they have green oceans in Canada.

  22. Anthony Bernard says:

    where the fucks the BACON!?

  23. CptPwn says:

    I love this! I dont know what the comments are about! you guys are funnier
    and funnier every time xD 

  24. La Mort says:


  25. Colonel Dookie says:

    2:30, I couldn’t stop laughing.


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