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Deadline approaching for seniors to choose new insurance plan

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Muskingum County seniors have just three days left to make a selection to their Medicare supplement plan after Genesis Hospital announced MediGold would no longer be in-network.

Starting January 1st, Genesis will no longer accept MediGold Advantage Plans leaving many seniors in the county uncovered. This will mean that any senior with Medigold will have to travel to Columbus or Cambridge for treatment unless they select another plan. Executive Director of the Muskingum County Senior Center, Ann Combs, said seniors have until December 7th to make a selection.

“If you have a senior in your life a neighbor, a parent, something that you’re close with have that conversation with them,” said Combs. “Ask them if they’ve made that selection or if they need assistance in doing that because now is the final opportunity, the final days to be able to do that.”

Combs said if a senior needs help learning their options or making a selection they can come to the Senior Center on the 7th to meet with a representative from the Ohio State Health Insurance Information Program to learn more information.

“The wonderful benefit that OSHIIP provides is they present all of the options to the senior allowing them to make a selection. They are not an insurance broker. They are not in profit for this. It is a completely unbiased way for you to be able to make the best selection for you as a senior,” said Combs. 

If you are a senior, or you know a senior, that would like to schedule an appointment with OSHIIP you can give the Senior Center a call at: 740-454-9761.

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