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Daughter Of Lesbian Couple Speaks Out Against Gay Marriage

“A South Carolina woman’s new essay about being raised by her lesbian mom contains a surprising revelation: she opposes marriage equality. “Gay community, I am your daughter. My mom raised…

25 Responses to “Daughter Of Lesbian Couple Speaks Out Against Gay Marriage”

  1. JCGrantatAC says:


    It figures. She’s easily one of the dumbest people alive. I’d enjoy
    hearing her discuss the “science” to which she refers.

  2. Crad IV says:

    How is this betrayal? Just because she grew up with gay parents doesn’t
    mean she has to support it lol u guys are so biased

  3. DaCamponTwee says:

    Father was a dick for abandoning her, but the mother mislead him to think
    that she was in love with him. That’s fucked up.

  4. David Whiteman says:

    Reasonable person: A parent of each gender creates a more ideal environment
    for successful parenthood
    Libtard: BIGOT!!!!!

    Least we forget, these were the same folks that argued Michael Brown was
    just a “good young kid”. 

  5. mrnicktoyou says:

    Fatherless children represent:

    63% of teen suicides
    70% of juveniles in state institutions
    71% of high school dropouts
    75% of children in chemical abuse centers
    80% of rapists
    85% of youths in prison
    90% of homeless and runaway children

  6. Andrew Voronov says:

    Clearly she’s not very bright. It’s not always possible to have a male and
    female parent in your life. She’s lucky to have been raised in a two-parent
    household, rather than by a struggling single mother/father or in a foster
    home. Yeah, ban gay marriage so more kids are raised in foster homes
    without parents.

  7. APS Columbian says:

    TYT in a nutshell. You either agree with them or you’re a bigot

  8. Lloyd Franklin says:

    I grew up without a dad and I grew up fine.

  9. T3hL4wnm0w3rM4n says:

    I dont have a problem with same sex marriage. Honestly, I dont give a
    flying fuck what other people do. But I do empathize with this girl. What I
    am about to say is addressed to all the straight men who leave their
    children, all the straight mothers who leave their children, all the gay
    couples who use surogates to conceive and any other type of person whose
    actions result in a child not having a mother or a father… Fuck you. Fuck
    you for being selfish. Fuck you for not considering that having a mother
    and a father is an ideal part of the human experience. Fuck you for
    thinking that a child who grows up with the void left from not having one
    of their two biological parents isnt going to rob them of what everyone
    else around them seems to have.

    I was lucky to have a mom and a dad when I was growing up, but if someone
    would have prevented me from having that then all I would want to tell them
    is: FUCK YOU!

  10. Sheku Sillah says:

    I don’t believe this story even for one second. Her mom left her father for
    someone else and she is mad about it. They probably blocked her father from
    seeing her.

  11. EasySnake says:

    she blames her lesbian mom because it was the lesbian mom that chose to end
    the marriage. Her lesbian mom pretended to be straight, tricked someone
    into loving her and getting married (while knowing she was gay) and then
    broke his heart.

    Maybe that is still illogical, but at least state her argument correctly.
    She blames her mom because her mom chose to end the marriage.

    I find TYT sometimes goes out of their way to misinterpret arguments they
    disagree with. Some times I also disagree with that said argument, but I
    dont try to misinterpret it.

  12. TimmacTR says:

    Love how Ana is trying to lie to herself because how reality is destroying
    her ideology..

  13. twist offate says:

    I’m thinking the mom divorced the dad. He was ditched and his daughter was
    being deprived from him except on occasional basis. Sometime the hurt to a
    man is to much and it’s fight or flight. The wife may have been a bitch and
    rubbed it in his face every time she saw him while cashing his support
    checks. The child missed out on the Oedipus stage in maturing child. Stop
    assuming the 30 year old is stupid and hasn’t spent any time sorting it

  14. Apollo Sun says:

    Actually, it was the mom who left, not the dad. It was the mom who
    initiated the divorce and broke up the family. Not the dad. And who knows
    if and for how long the mom was cheating on the dad before she broke up the

  15. Kenny Ai says:

    TyT just stop, finally someone raised in a homosexual environment has
    spoken the truth. People still refuse to see why some other don’t accept
    gays. this are facts, get it thru you heads. 

  16. Jerich0 says:

    Doesn’t matter if her opinion is right or wrong everyone is entitled to
    their own opinion. TRUTH BOMBS

  17. FreeSudani says:

    the whole assumption TYT is making about this woman is that she hold some
    kind of resentment against her father , argument from silence to say the
    least , no matter what you do male/male or female/female cannot make a
    family for obvious biological incompatibility , props to that woman.

  18. DeSean Ford says:

    Gay people are born with very low morals and standards i dont blame them
    for their primitive ways thats why we see it in animals who dont know right
    from wrong and will go along with whatever feels good . They are born wrong
    and i can tolerate it but dont try and act like its normals cause it is not

  19. ck9292 says:

    The problem with her logic is as follows:
    She believes her lesbian stepmom was trying to fill a void in her life (her
    biological dad) which can never be filled and therefore all parents of same
    sex couples have this same void in their lives that need filling. The first
    part of her logic is valid and very common for all children who had one
    parent leave. But what she doesn’t understand is that it is not unique to
    children of same sex parents. She is blaming same-sex couples with this
    problem where in reality she should be blaming all absent parents (same-sex
    and hetero-sexual). In her case the same sex-couple isn’t even to blame at

    She’ll come around eventually I’m sure. Blaming others might just be a way
    for her to cope. One she will eventually outgrow as she matures.
    Unfortunately the people who have only loved her and treated her right are
    being harmed by this.

  20. dakito fey says:

    try growing up with a single mom you spoiled brat, at least you had a
    second person there for support.

  21. Dick Santorum says:

    Sounds like the lesbian marriage wasn’t the problem. If there was no
    pressure to fake being straight in the first place there would have been no
    issue. She should be speaking out against straight marriage.

  22. Brandon Griffiths says:

    LMAO. Let’s get this right here from Ana’s perspective. A woman, who
    supposedly loves women, is too much of a coward to live her own life and
    instead marries a man, alters his entire life, brings a child into this
    world and then when she’s done with him and that life she decides to end
    the marriage, destroy this little girls world and live life on her terms
    but only after altering some other persons life entirely and creating a
    child. But only the man is a dick? Let’s not take sides here. BOTH the
    mother and father are dicks. He’s a dick for not being a “father” to his
    own child and she’s a cunt for using people to fill her life and then
    throwing them away when it suited her needs or feelings.

  23. xAbominationx says:

    Wow.. What an entitled, self centered, ungrateful little bitch. 

  24. Kefa Fistmien says:

    Females are not only equal to a man when it comes to raising a person, they
    are in fact far better.
    As our society moves further and further from manual labour and violence
    what men have to teach is quickly becoming obsolete.

  25. TheAtheistSocialist says:

    “The nature of the same sex relationship”? yea, its nature is fucking sexy
    and beautiful. Get the fuck out of here.
    The less men you have around your kids the better. Two loving women raising
    a child is better than a hetero couple raising a child.
    Everybody needs to shut the fuck up about how “A CHILD NEEDS A FATHER”.
    A kid without a dad is missing out alright, they are missing out on all the
    beatings he would give to his wife and the kids if he were around.


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