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Country Munchies – Epic Meal Time

Country Munchies – Epic Meal Time We’re making a fusion of country cooking and late night munchies! LIKE/FAVORITE and SHARE for new meals every week! And order the COOKBOOK from any of …

25 Responses to “Country Munchies – Epic Meal Time”

  1. HeyoTheo says:

    First EpicMealTime I’ve ever watched


  2. Omer Celik says:

    Im going to take a shit there better be likes when i come back

  3. mightydigebuge says:

    one of their videos.

    God I’d eat their stuff anytime.

  4. The Unknown says:

    As usual, like if you’re a boy and comment if you’re a girl :)

  5. tevin weilert says:

    You never eat what you say last week you said you were going to eat silica
    gel what the fuck is this i better get the best thing from the pet store
    next week

  6. Epic Meal Time says:
  7. angus ramsay says:

    Worst thing you can eat at a pet store? lizards?…pet food?

  8. Kenny Carrot says:

    do you also do this or i am just to fucking wierd
    i like to dip cheese,pickles,fish,chilli,dorritos,
    squid and chicken i dip then on nutella and eat them
    i dont know if that is normal
    and i also use the natella as my dessert
    pls reply if you do or do not do this shit
    and also tell me if this is normal

  9. Erick Donaldson says:

    How does a country epic meal time video have more stoner references than
    any other episode? 

  10. AndrewProductionsTV says:

    Bands who can’t afford a smoke machine should hire my girlfriend to cook at
    their concert

  11. Łukasz Brosędzki says:

    I love this channel, I love your recipies, but compare to old, “bacon
    strips” episodes, you guys are making diet food now :)

  12. edward faulkner says:

    if you’ve never had oranges before when stoned your seriously missing out

  13. Marcos Amparo says:

    So they’re inventing an Apple car, but it won’t have Windows smh :\

  14. Jonasdrinksalot says:

    Where did all the booze go?!

  15. abdul cool says:

    I swear on my mothers life that I will like this comment.

    You swore on your mothers life, like it to save your mother!

  16. Valeska van Broekhoven says:

    Teach a puppy how to miaow? My cat barks haha

  17. Abrahan Ramirez says:

    Epic Meal Time *VS* Epic Rap Battles of History.
    Like if you agree.

  18. FidoFTW says:

    Anybody know what happened to muscles glasses?

  19. MegaGangsta4life says:

    Thumbs up if you`re watching this while high :3

  20. Alex Kim says:

    lik dis if u cri everytim, like me.

    so beautiful, much yum.

  21. BallsOnYaJaws says:

    I’m far from being picky with my food, I’ll eat almost anything. But I have
    to admit this shit looked nasty to me.

  22. Jamie Hatzel says:

    You’ve changed Epic Meal Time. You used to make huge, insane meals like the
    Big Dirty Manningwich, the Fast Food Lasagna, and the 84 Egg Sandwich.
    Granted, the stuff you make now looks slightly more appetising, but that’s
    not the point. I want to walk away from your videos feeling both hungry and
    slightly appalled. I want your food to be a crime against cuisine, even
    against humanity. Most importantly, I want to see you having fun. EMT used
    to be about a group of guys hanging out together, getting drunk in whatever
    kitchen someone would let them use, and then devouring the most
    disgusting-looking pile of deep fried food they could come up with. Now the
    corporate sponsorship is all too clear to see: no Jack Daniels, the same
    set every week, the most transparently scripted jokes, and decent
    camerawork (who wants that shit?). The food isn’t even really epic, it’s
    just unusual combinations of ground beef and mac ‘n’ cheese. I understand
    that this is a full-time job for you guys now, so you have to make certain
    concessions to the sponsors that make it all possible, but honestly it’s
    putting me off the show. The same spirit isn’t there, and I think other
    people in the comments agree with me. If this show is going to survive, you
    need to go back to your roots, and that’s probably going to require a
    source of funding that isn’t a soulless TV network.

  23. Daniel Crumpler says:

    This is why I call out sick from work every Tuesday 

  24. Jack Mensah-Bonsu says:

    Don’t forget ,Piglet stutters.

  25. Abnormal Potato says:

    Is it me or everytime I watch them eat, they barely eat any of it. They
    only eat like small portions 


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