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Country Fans Really Don’t Like Gay People

“Alana Lynn, a morning co-host on country music station 104.3 FM in Boise, Idaho, was excited to play Little Big Town’s latest single for her listeners. “Girl Crush,” a powerful ballad…

25 Responses to “Country Fans Really Don’t Like Gay People”

  1. Abortion is no big deal It's not Murder says:

    Who cares? Country music sucks anyways! When it comes to music I’m *ABC,

  2. Daniel Davis says:

    Country fans also dislike good music. 

  3. Revo Red says:

    “Country fans really don’t like gay people”

    No shit 

  4. Vincent Loya says:

    “No country for gay man”
    (I don’t listen to county music)

  5. Freeden says:

    I swear if I lived in one of these country music loving, red blood, gay
    hating states, I’d probably be dead because I would mess with these people
    so much just to make so many people so uncomfortable. 

  6. Wesley Gilmore says:

    Only faggots have problems with gay people

  7. Akeem Spencer says:

    Then why does the hip hop community bash young thug for his borderline gay

  8. clearcutter74 says:

    Neither do gangsta rap fans.

  9. Glen Aitken says:

    A country music fan killed his sister, mother and cousin at a Garth Brooks
    concert. That story again, 1 woman killed at a concert.

  10. Feminist quia Christus says:

    Gay men at least. At least they recognize that gay men are oppressing

  11. FreeSudani says:

    Well i like hip hop & rap and i dont like gay people neither 

  12. kobee says:

    Rap and Hip-hop fans don’t like gay people either, In fact those blacks
    sing songs advocating the murder of gay people, (murder music” Buju Banton
    ect ect. Funny TYT won’t do a report on that, wonder why!

  13. 798unionpipeliner says:

    The gay community is disgusting. I am not impress when somebody tells me
    their gay. That is disgusting. I don’t find two men sucking each other off
    to be attractive. So keep your sick play in the closet. 

  14. Kelsey Cate says:

    Thank you for say not all country music fans in the video, but I don’t like
    the title. I’m a huge country music fan and a huge liberal. I just don’t
    like the generalizing. If anything, it’s the DJs and radio stations. The
    country music fans seem to love it since they keep buying it off of iTunes.

  15. Vlad Rudeychuk says:

    you don’t have to like country music to be dumb but you have to be dumb to
    like country music.

  16. The1316killer says:

    Country fans really don’t like gay people what’s next rednecks not liking
    blacks ? Cats and dogs living with one another ?

  17. Andalus101 says:

    Isn’t country music itself pretty gay?

  18. edmond chapple says:

    Why are people surprised that country music fans have poor comprehension

  19. Permalight says:

    Speaking of the Dixie Chicks, isn’t conservative hypocrisy amazing?
    Remember how they utterly decimated the Dixie Chicks’ career because
    Natalie Maines said that she was ashamed that Bush was from Texas? How much
    horrific and incredibly disrespectful shit have conservatives said about
    Obama? I remember back in the early 00s their definition of a patriot was
    supporting your president no matter what. They changed their tune and did a
    180 real fuckin’ when Obama was elected. Stupid assholes.

  20. Tangerine Farmer says:

    Intelligent people should never play intelligent Country Music, the
    majority of their fans will never truly appreciate it.

  21. Augustus says:

    White people are fucking awesome.

  22. Muramasa says:

    screw you guys i love John Denver

    (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ ♩You fill up my senses
    Like a night in a forest♩

  23. Seekarr says:

    Outside of the US, the only country song that anyone can even put a name to
    was achey breaky heart. The problem with country music fans is their
    terrible taste in music.

  24. Phuck Joogle says:

    And? Does everyone have to endorse sodomy now, lefties? Is that a new law
    you’re working on?

  25. njintau says:

    *Facepalm, this shows how simple the country music audience is. As for me,
    if it means getting some songs with fresh ideas on the radio and not the
    same old shit, I’d welcome a few gay/lesbian themed love songs.


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