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Conservative Outed After Voting Against Gay Rights

Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks checking in from the road. Anti-gay Conservative Rep. Randy Boehning was recently caught sending dick pics on Grindr. Representative Boehning’s enemies warned…

25 Responses to “Conservative Outed After Voting Against Gay Rights”


    A closet gay republican!? Youre kidding!, lol

  2. The night wanderer says:

    This isn’t something new here, some asshole to afraid to come out yet is
    willing to oppress others like him,.

  3. Jeremy Buxton says:

    Why are people saying thins like “Cenk is back” and “Cenk come back!!! we
    need you!!”

    When did Cenk leave exactly ? I saw him on a video for TYT like 2 days ago.

  4. Ian Lusky says:

    Was he sending the dick pics to Anthony Wiener? 

  5. Jesse Austin says:

    Holy shit he’s high as fuck!! LOL the normal “OF COURSE!!!” was slowed down

  6. Raffaele M says:

    Is cenk high in this video? OF COURSEEEEEE

  7. Jun Lagda says:

    One of the funniest vids from TYT.

    Quick, informative, entertaining.

  8. ProteanView says:

    TopMan??? He was hitting me up the other day, talking about, “I want some
    dark meat.”

  9. Gary20O says:

    Yay!! Cenk is back!!

  10. Moe hohmedd geehahd says:

    Cenk makes a special impromptu video just to mock Christian while Muslims
    are shooting people in Texas (a couple hours ago) and negroes are rioting
    across America.

    Daily reminder TYT teen tards are simpleton sheeple. 

  11. dogbite97 says:


  12. DreamcastGuy says:

    Wow, 2 million subscribers but still filming vertically on a cell phone in
    a cheap motel room? I did get a chuckle at the dick pics though.

  13. nontheistdavid says:

    I bet he claims he is a good christian as well.

  14. Aluzky says:

    I’m pretty sure that a loot of zoophobes are also repressed zoosexuals.
    Fact: I have talked with some of them and they admit being into animals but
    admit it is wrong for religious or moral BS reasons.. sigh.

  15. Jparodyy says:


  16. danwic says:

    So randy boning decided to bone the gay rights bill then got randy on
    grinder eh? :p

  17. 77Fortran says:

    ‘Randy Boning’?

  18. Alex -Kun says:

    I have a question I really need answered:

    Is there even a single republican/conservative that DOES NOT believe in a
    magical, spell-casting skygod? It seems all conservatives believe is magic,
    is this true? It certainly seems that way. I’ve never heard of a Republican
    that didn’t believe in magic and after lives and prayer and all that
    nonsense. Can I get some data on that?

    Imagine how much more developed we’d be as a species if so many people
    didn’t believe in fairy tales.

  19. hcheyne says:

    Randy Boehning. I wonder what his porn name is?

  20. Insane Itachi says:

    God I hate when people record like that!

  21. arizonatsunami says:

    Did you leave again? Cenk come back!!!!! We need you!!!!!

  22. EnhancedSlowMo says:

    Cenk leave forever, the swines John and Ben have you covered!!!

  23. movieman175 says:

    Are we in Cenks house?

  24. nitelite78 says:

    It is easy to laugh at stories like this but really is it is totally
    disgraceful. What an utterly contemptible piece of shit.

  25. Iheartanunakichicks says:

    good why should faggots have rights


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