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Community leaders raise money for a cure to end Alzheimer’s

One by one, people drove through to pick up good food for an even better cause.

With more than 5 million people affected by Alzheimer’s, the Community for a Cure, a group of volunteers from several Lafayette businesses including assisted living homes, hosted a drive-through jambalaya dinner to raise money and spread awareness about the disease.

“I lost my mom to Alzheimer’s about 5 weeks ago its heart breaking. She was taken away from me a little at a time until she was no longer here and then I finally you know she died from the disease,” said Susan Amos, who is one of the organizers of the fundraiser and works for A First Name Basis Homecare.

The disease kills 1 in 3 seniors, but as Amos says it hurts the family as well.

“They just slowly go away you know some days she didn’t even recognize us so that’s very painful…It’s a family disease, it really is it affects everyone involved,” she said.

The committee of volunteers representing A First Name Basis Homecare, Garden View Assisted Living, Brookdale Lafayette, The Blake, Rosewood Assisted Living, Cedar Crest Personal Memory Assisted Living and Taylor Davis with NW Mutual Insurance Company that have the responsibility of caring for those with the disease came together for the cause. 

“We joined our forces because its affecting so many people and as the baby boomers age we’re going to see more and more people with this disease and it’s a dreadful disease so we got to get a cure” said Edie Casselman, the director of Garden View Assisted Living.

Casselman was standing with a group of volunteers who were all in good spirits, supporting a cause that they all passionately work for.

“We’re different communities, were different health care communities, different insurance companies all working together as one  so we can work together to get more awareness out in the Lafayette area,” said Lori Delot, who works for Cedar Crest Memory Assisted Living.

Nearly 5 million people have the disease now, but according to the Alzheimer’s association, by 2050 there could be more than 16 million affected.

“People who are dealing with this difficult journey in their life. We’re walking for our first survivor we want to find that first survivor of Alzheimer’s disease and hopefully that’s right here in Acadian,” said Adrienne Mullens, a community outreach specialist for the Alzheimer’s Association.

As of today, there are no survivors of the disease, but the goal is to fund research until there is.

“I do this in honor of her…it’s just run rampant it really is and we need to find a cure,” said Amos.

Tickets were sold at $10 each and people were able to pick up their meals cooked by the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Department. More than $5,000 was raised an all the proceeds will go to the Alzheimer’s Association.    

To sign up for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s on September 16th at Blackham Coliseum or to donate to the research click here.

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