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Comfort Keepers Home Care President: Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Myles McNamara, president of Comfort Keepers Home Care Santa Clarita, is encouraging anyone with senior parents or loved ones to be proactive when it comes to home care rather than reactive.

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For instance, if your mom falls in the shower and breaks her hip, you may find yourself with no choice but to bring in 24-hour per day care. However, if you start off small with just a few hours per day, it can help prevent the fall and resulting injury from occurring in the first place.

“Think about being proactive, not reactive,” McNamara said. “Take a good, honest look at your senior loved ones and say, are they going to possibly slip and fall in the shower and break a hip? Are they not eating well? Are they not drinking and staying hydrated? Are they not taking their medications on time?”

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All of these are signs that a senior may need a little help with activities of daily living, which are non-medical and can be provided by a professional company like Comfort Keepers Home Care Santa Clarita.

“More often than not our seniors need just a helping hand in the home — it’s not medical,” McNamara explained. “They need assistance with personal care, bathing, showering, transportation to the doctor, making sure they’re eating nutritional meals, staying hydrated.”

Rather than pitch the idea to your senior loved ones in a way that makes them feel like they need to be taken care of, McNamara recommends viewing home care like a concierge service.

“Parents are proud, they don’t want to be burdensome, they’re independent,” he said. “That’s why as a non-medical caregiving company, we always tell our clients we’re more like a concierge service. You’ve worked all your life, you deserve it.”

McNamara continued, “We can come in and keep the house straightened up and we can make the meals and we can take mom and dad to the doctors. We can help them with their personal care, we can make sure they don’t slip and fall if they’re on a walker or a cane or have any other ambulation issues.”

The bottom line, McNamara noted, is that he doesn’t want your introduction to Comfort Keepers Home Care Santa Clarita to be “when you have no choice.”

“We’re always there for you, and we’re proud and privileged to have done so for 16 years,” he said. “But try to have (us) on a (smaller) level rather than when you need us full time.”

Ed. Note: This article is a KHTS Feature story based on a recent radio interview with Comfort Keepers Home Care Santa Clarita. 

Comfort Keepers Home Care first opened in Santa Clarita in 2001 with the vision of helping seniors age with dignity and independence in their own homes. If you are in search of a trusted and experienced in home caregiver, Santa Clarita seniors and their families need look no further than Comfort Keepers Home Care, Santa Clarita.  With a full range of senior care options that can be tailored to meet each individual’s elder care needs, Comfort Keepers Home Care offers quality home care services Santa Clarita seniors can trust to help them achieve the highest level of quality of life.

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