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Christians Prepare For Martyrdom To Fight Gay Marriage

“A religious conservative broadcaster warned Christians to “prepare for martyrdom” if the U.S. Supreme Court sanctioned marriage equality. Sandy Rios, director of governmental affairs…

25 Responses to “Christians Prepare For Martyrdom To Fight Gay Marriage”

  1. Hiarhu says:

    I know there are a lot of people that for some reason think they have a
    right to stop same sex marriage but seriously are there really that many of
    you out there willing to die in order to deny someone equal rights?

  2. An Abra says:

    I hope these stupid fucks commit martydom it would clean out the gean pool.

  3. doxide says:

    Anyone who talks about martyrdom in a serious tone is usually fucking

  4. TheVinster17 says:

    The Bible says to treat others how you would like to be treated. These
    people are not Christians. I don’t know what they are.

  5. Yusuke Urameshi says:

    Time to monitor groups like this for terrorism threats. It is only a matter
    of time before one of them blows up a gay pride parade or someone’s

  6. alias1928 says:

    And yet Christians claim they are supposed to be non-judging, kind

  7. beirirangu says:

    have they never been in a restroom with individual stalls?

  8. MLGTroy1 says:

    2:45 the bible also says Kill anyone who refuses to listen to a priest.
    Deuteronomy 17:12-13 and Paul, knowing that their faith would crumble if
    subjected to free and critical inquiry, tells his followers to avoid
    philosophy. Colossians 2:8

  9. EnhancedSlowMo says:

    TYT has said numerous times that “bold action” must be taken against the
    police, even though they never “directly” advocated for violence against

  10. Joe Price says:


  11. EmmittBrownBTTF1 says:

    I don’t mind if Christians want to kill themselves over gay marriage, as
    long as they leave everyone else out of it.

  12. windinhishare says:

    Faggots deserve to be burned on a cross. All of them.
    And their supporters.

  13. Sherie Thomas says:

    Christians…if you don’t want your beliefs to be ridiculed..don’t have
    such ridiculous beliefs.

  14. Phillip Ingles says:

    Homosexuality is a form of love. If you are against love there may be
    something fundamentally wrong in your nature. I disagree with your last
    point. Muslim extremism has and does rise from muslim majority countries.
    They don’t have to be the minority. This doesn’t excuse christian
    fundamentalism, nor violent extremism of any kind.

  15. venom chronicles says:

    people will always hate gay goes on.

  16. Jason Arias says:

    Gays just simply shouldn’t be allowed to marry! It’s just biologically

  17. Sean Armstrong says:

    Why are conservatives so weird these days? I mean…they have always been
    kinda weird. But lately they seem to be more and more desperate…remind me
    of those ppl putting up a final fight before extinction

  18. AValveFanboy says:

    The Bible says that you must treat others as you would want to be treated.
    Therefore, I am proposing a law that makes it illegal for Christians to get
    married and teach creationism in schools, and also forces them to use
    special ‘Christian-only’ bathrooms so that no atheists or people of other
    faiths are forced to share space with someone who is different from them.

  19. ala slipknot says:

    Wow! if this is coming from an educated woman who had a decent (or even
    expensive) life, i guess we can’t be surprised when super poor and badly
    educated teenagers from third world countries turn into terrorists just
    because they saw some myth in their book of legends…


  20. Leonard Greenpaw says:

    The bible also says “kill the homosexuals, witches, and heretics”

  21. Tatchko says:

    I, for one, can’t wait to welcome our new gay overlords.

  22. Minato Arisato says:

    So gay guys want gay marriage to become transgender and be allowed in
    women’s bathrooms to look at naked women? What????? LMAOXD no wonder
    conservatives are scared, they don’t know what the fuck they’re talking

  23. kristabella222 says:

    What this insane woman said is so dangerous. She’s going to incite someone
    to violence.

  24. josh simpson says:

    Can someone tell this dumb bible thumper that according to the same fiction
    book that she is preaching about, we have to kill her. She is speaking in
    public, something that is against her made up book of rules. Does she have
    a job? Stone her to death! Did she back talk her parents as a child? Stone
    her to death! Just about everything she does is against that book, so if we
    need to go by the rules, we need to go by all of the rules. If she doesn’t
    want to have rocks thrown at her until she dies, maybe she should stop
    preaching about some of the rules, because if you don’t follow all of them,
    you can’t make anyone follow any of them.

  25. Zech Conner says:

    here say “Christianity is wrong, terrible, causes destruction” What do
    you think when your best friend, significant other, family member, or
    stranger lies to you, or steals from you. What about a friend who try’s to
    score with your lady/man . What about raping women , or killing people
    just for the fuck of it like sport. If you think those thing are WRONG,
    then you’re a GOOD human being. And that is a direct result of
    Christianity. Yes you learned this from Christians like it or not. Some
    of you have said “I don’t need a thousand year old book to know it’s
    wrong. Your so full of shit, you have no idea how stupid you sound, those
    are Christian values, and that’s where you got that sense of RIGHT and
    WRONG from, not all religions teach this. Unless one of you bastards wants
    to say “those are good things to teach your children”, then shut up with
    the Christianity is terrible shit. Just saying!


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