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Chinese Tacos – Handle It

Prince Atari is teaching you how to eat fortune cookies, chow mein and General Tso’s chicken all at the same time. LIKE/FAVORITE and SHARE for new meals every week! And order the COOKBOOK…

25 Responses to “Chinese Tacos – Handle It”

  1. Assassin268 says:

    Goddamn why am I so early.

  2. Hungry Gamer says:

    It’s 3 AM EST and I’m Hungry, well I’m anyways Hungry

  3. mr.crossover30 says:

    Who uploads at 3:13am

  4. Видео-дневник "День за днем" says:

    Доброе утро!

  5. Epic Meal Time says:
  6. El Jake says:

    You fucked up, dog. You gotta put the chicken in first, but I cannot send
    hate your way because damn that looks good.

  7. Justin Fung says:

    I am Chinese and I am disappointed people think this is real Chinese food.
    More like “American” Chinese food. 我很不喜歡

  8. MinecraftChicken -Productions. says:

    Make the chesseburger dildo that PhilyD suggested :)

  9. Peter Jamison says:

    What happens to muscles glasses?

  10. bgirlNOZOMI says:

    Why does the chicken look like shriveled rat fetuses when they come out of
    the fryer? And I know what they look like because I’ve fried rat fetuses

  11. Gerard Hopkins says:

    fortune cookies is not chinese food

  12. TheCologneist1 says:

    Chow Mein isn’t noodles, Chow Mein is vegetables. Lo Mein is noodles..
    thought everyone knew that?

  13. Daniel Parale says:

    How do you eat this with chop sticks :(

  14. Spyker says:


  15. Kyle Cap says:

    so basically they are running out of ideas and just putting anything in a
    taco shell … boring

  16. aznlilboiz says:

    nothing on this video represent chinese food… damn stereotype

  17. Albert Jozua says:

    I wonder if anyone actually make this at home..

  18. j4vi3rGamerMLG ™ says:

    Esa madre es un taco? ._.

  19. Soso Alsaeed says:

    No bacon wtf!!!!!!!!

  20. SPCBRAWLERZ says:

    They forgot the bacon… Again.

  21. Danny Ibrahim says:

    Im high as fuck right now and it all looks good i want all the food in my

  22. boston boucher says:

    I fucking love this channel 

  23. JoeysWorldTour says:


  24. Olterior says:

    Someone should make a documentary about youtube comments. Seriously.

  25. Hoeskee16 says:

    Yo Atari, you sound a lot like Harley in this vid and normally I’d act like
    that’s wack but I know ya’ll are tight so it works imo. Good food, good


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