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Candy Bacon Cheeseburger Rainbow Cake – Epic Meal Time

Another trophy to put on the Epic Meal Time mantle. LIKE/FAVORITE and SHARE for new meals every week! And order the COOKBOOK from any of these links: Amazon: …

25 Responses to “Candy Bacon Cheeseburger Rainbow Cake – Epic Meal Time”

  1. (。◕‿◕。) KAWAII says:

    30 pounds of fat…. Holy fuck. 

  2. GrandTheftAutoV Official says:

    What epic meal time comes up with when they have run out of supercool ideas

  3. Epic Meal Time says:
  4. MissyLeyneous says:

    Is this food porn? :P

  5. MBogdos96 says:

    Where did the cheeseburger come into play?

  6. the trueparadisecity says:

    every meal is either a lasagna, burger or pizza…

  7. Amanda Rose says:

    Dear future wife,

    Can this be our wedding cake? :D

    your future wife;)

  8. HoustonAP720 says:

    Forget EMT! Lets make our own cake with blackjack and hookers!

  9. Ryland C says:

    First video I’ve watched in a while from EMT, when did they stop making
    epic meals?

  10. Trevor Philips says:

    Uhm.. So they just made a cake? C’mon EMT you guys are running out of

  11. Jack Jedlicka says:

    But… But… That was just a cake.

  12. Oliver Haines says:

    They need to make a massive Easter egg

  13. salamut2202 says:

    Such a gay cake.

  14. Lewis Slater , Ben Slater says:

    Is your book available in the uk

  15. Yumi Tokushige says:

    I want to bite that cake. Looks yum

  16. Riddy Prower says:

    I feel like almost everything Harley says is poetry.

  17. DonNorway says:

    I don’t get why people make those formula cakes – they look so dry and

  18. Sianxy says:

    How hard are you? Errr not that hard…

  19. G.T. MUSTANG says:

    This isnt any other cake its a RAINBOW CAKE!

  20. SheolMonium says:

    *Sorry but that’s offensive… (kidding)*

  21. Cassandra D says:

    This one is actually pretty easy to replicate.

    #FoodPorn #Cake 

  22. The SureFire Gamer says:


    We can make a Lasagna out of what’s in your pocket.

  23. CJ89paratroop says:

    Why are you guys not dead yet? 

  24. Iván Gerardo Casas Torres says:

    SMT: Stoner Meal Time

  25. Balthor says:

    Hahaha the slices of that cake look like the gay flag! I know its meant to
    be a rainbow, but the first thing that comes to mind is the gay flag XD 


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