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Bucksport YMCA and Private Home Care Inc. Host Senior Game Day

Bucksport, Maine (WABI) - Jesse Rishani said, “We decided to get together with a group of seniors and have fun. That’s really all it was.”

It was all fun and games in Bucksport on Wednesday.

Private home care incorporated and the Bucksport YMCA partnered together to host senior game day.

“This is a cool opportunity for a partnership with a local organization that’s helping program for active older adults in our community” said Tymoczko.

More than five games were on hand for folks to participate in. Checkers, solitaire, dominos, you name it.

For Carol Bisbee, a participant in Wednesday’s action… one game brought back memories.

Bisbee said, “They had me playing Yahtzee and I haven’t played it for years. I’m not doing very well.“

Nick Tymoczko of the Bucksport YMCA says even though this day may focused on games, it’s really about socializing.

Tymoczko said, “I think it’s important to find programming opportunities for elderly folks in our community so this is helping us facilitate activities socialization and getting together and having a good time.”

And for Private Home Care Inc. Coordinator Jesse Rishani she say’s what’s better than going to work and playing games.

“I find that spending time with our seniors is so much fun for me because I get to hear all these amazing stories and learn new things and find out things about my town that I never knew” said, Rishani.

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