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Breakfast Chicken Wings – Epic Meal Time

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25 Responses to “Breakfast Chicken Wings – Epic Meal Time”

  1. berserker2111 says:

    Am I the only one that things the random dude in the yellow bacon strips
    shirt looks retarded with his underbeard? If you can’t grow a beard, don’t
    do it… especially if it’s an underbears

  2. Epic Meal Time says:
  3. Bear Yeezy says:

    0:56 that’s one big ass cheese grater, where can I get one?

  4. nick cheatham says:

    Deez nuts 

  5. Zayn Darwiche says:

    Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off with the cereal chicken

  6. Babby Babbyson says:

    “those boys sure do love their hash”
    See you at 420.They’re not running out of ideas, they’re just keeping the
    gravy train flowing.
    There, I just made a new episode for them.

  7. Cevyn Injekkt says:

    I never gave it any thought, until now.

    Chicken and eggs.

    A bit cannibalistic (unsure if it’s an apropos usage here), in a peculiar

    And then there’s balut. Mother of Gawd!

    I’ll show myself out the door.


  8. bosco lai says:

    3:02 lol unnoticed low five and high five.

  9. BadBonsai says:

    i STILL miss Muscle-glasses :( #Muscleglassesfanclub

  10. Name says:

    what happened to muscle glasses?

  11. Brendan McGurnaghan says:
  12. Stuart222 says:

    I checked my FaceTime when his ringtone went off

  13. Water Melon says:

    Hash means weed in Denmark..
    So first time I heard “Hash browns” I thought it was weed brownies

  14. LpmitGomgespielt says:

    Youre food made me fat **chickenwing in mouth put**

  15. FrimJay says:

    Its a shame you didn’t get that hi-five :(

  16. TrueRay17 says:

    The poor kids! 

  17. Jason F. Myers says:

    Copycatting fouseyTUBE with the dog

  18. lostjuly says:

    yellow guy is the worst with the worst beard, i hate him so…ya. opinions,
    deal with em. he’s disgusting and least favorite part of seeing this

  19. Chad Neidt says:

    FUCK that looks good.

  20. Reydelredstone says:

    I <3 it, my new fav. meal, cya muffins, hi chicken wings with cereal!! or

  21. Katrina Payne says:

    “Neither of you have addressed my concerns”

    I cannot tell if he is being a total asshole or just being a total asshole
    by fucking with you guys by just acting like a total asshole.

  22. Russiankid27 says:

    This needs to be more epic!

  23. typoded says:

    and why would anyone want to wear a yellow emt shirt

  24. The Boob Tube says:

    Now this is my kind of breakfast

  25. FoodReviewUK says:

    More like Breakfast Chicken Wins. Amirite?


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