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Bradford swimming splits with Brookville on Senior Night

The Bradford swim team earned a split against Brookville on Monday, with the Lady Owls earning a 113-54 win while the Bradford boys fell 89-64.

The Owls honored seniors Ryan Whittemore, Aedin Vetere, Lauryn Kahle, and Jasmine Rettger prior to the meet.

Bradford’s girls cruised to victory thanks to 10 different swimmers earning firsts. The Lady Owls were led by a quadruple from Emma Webster and triples from Taylor Lucco and Mackenzie Lucas. Also earning firsts for Bradford were Abby Szoke (two), Sydney Rodgers, Rettger, Hannah Kriner, Kahle (two), Emilie Reitler, and Andrea Pecora.

“The girls had an excellent meet,” BHS coach Chelsea Schwab said. “They knew what they had to do and they went out and did it. We had impressive swims from nearly all of our girls. The girls have been working very hard this season and it’s paying off.”

Despite the loss, the Bradford boys saw strong performances from Karl Gangloff and Danny Fedak, who both tripled in the meet. Frank Colosimo and Matt Stafford also earned first-place finishes for Bradford.

“The boys fell short in a few areas tonight,” Schwab said. “Although there were a few mishaps, we were very happy with the performances of several of our boys.

“I was very impressed with Spencer Whittemore. As a freshman and first year swimmer he has become a very versatile swimmer and a huge asset to our team. Aedin Vetere and Joe Rettger also gained us points with their performances.”

The Owls will travel to St. Marys on Thursday.



Bradford 113, Brookville 54

200 Medley Relay: Bradford (Abigail Szoke, Sydney Rodgers, Jasmine Rettger, Taylor Lucco); 2:20.47

200 Freestyle: Hannah Kriner (BRAD) 2:30.20, Emilie Reitler (BRAD), Brynn Afton (BROOK)

200 Individual Medley: Emma Webster (BRAD) 2:27.69, Abigail Szoke (BRAD), Emma Fiscus (BROOK)

50 Freestyle: Lauryn Kahle (BRAD) 30.84, Emily Lindermuth (BROOK), Taylor Lucco (BRAD)

100 Butterfly: Emma Fiscus (BROOK) 1:19.04, Abigail Szoke (BRAD), Sydney Barto (BROOK)
100 Freestyle: Mackenzie Lucas (BRAD) 1:02.36, Lauryn Kahle (BRAD), Emily Lindermuth (BROOK)

500 Freestyle: Emilie Reitler (BRAD) 6:38.97, Hannah Kriner (BRAD), Brynn Afton (BROOK)

200 Freestyle Relay: Bradford (Mackenzie Lucas, Lauryn Kahle, Taylor Lucco, Emma Webster); 1:58.70

100 Backstroke: Emma Webster (BRAD) 1:06.64, Taylor Hetrick (BROOK), Katelynn Rodgers (BRAD)

100 Breastroke: Andrea Pecora (BRAD) 1:27.65, Sydney Rodgers (BRAD), Aleah Ames (BROOK)

400 Freestyle Relay: Bradford (Mackenzie Lucas, Abigail Szoke, Taylor Lucco, Emma Webster); 4:24.24



Brookville 89, Bradford 64

200 Medley Relay: Brookville (Mark Fitzgerald, Donavan Hoffman, Thad JOhnson, Kyle Gotwald); 1:58.63

200 Freestyle: Mark Fitzgerald (BROOK) 2:12.06, Frank Colosimo (BRAD), Rory Hoffman (BROOK)

200 Individual Medley: Karl Gangloff (BRAD) 2:12.22, Thad Johnson (BROOK), Donavan Hoffman (BROOK)

50 Freestyle: Danny Fedak (BRAD) 25.76, Kyle Gotwald (BROOK), Matt Stafford (BRAD)

100 Butterfly: Thad Johnson (BROOK) 1:05.12, Joseph Rettger (BRAD), Luc Doolittle (BROOK)
100 Freestyle: Danny Fedak (BRAD) 57.14, Aaron Briggs (BROOK), Kyle Gotwald (BROOK)

500 Freestyle: Karl Gangloff (BRAD) 5:11.27, Luc Doolittle (BROOK), Ethan Bretham (BROOK)

200 Freestyle Relay: Bradford (Danny Fedak, Frank Colosimo, Matt Stafford, Karl Gangloff); 1:45.11

100 Backstroke: Mark Fitzgerald (BROOK) 1:12.59, Justin Barrett (BROOK), Aedin Vetere (BRAD)

100 Breastroke: Donavan Hoffman (BROOK) 1:11.58, Frank Colosimo (BRAD), Rory Hoffman (BROOK)

400 Freestyle Relay: Brookville (Ethan Bretham, Justin Barrett, Rory Hoffman, Donavan Hoffman); 4:30.54

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