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Bobby Jindal Refuses To Give In To Gay Marriage Bullies

The debate over religious liberty in America presents conservatives and business leaders with a crucial choice. In Indiana and Arkansas, large corporations recently joined left-wing activists…

25 Responses to “Bobby Jindal Refuses To Give In To Gay Marriage Bullies”

  1. Luke Mulford says:

    discrimination = freedom. conservative logic 101

  2. a1i_aadi1x says:

    Jayar needs to be host more often. 

  3. Brimar7 says:

    As a Christian, am I supposed to be against gay marriage?
    I’m not. Consenting adults – ROCK IT!
    Am I still a Christian?
    Or should I join these guys and just ignore the whole Love thy
    neighbor…and Do onto others…crap?

  4. Jedimonk says:

    Bobby Jindal has a better chance at winning the Bronze in Women’s
    gymnastics than becoming the GOP candidate.

  5. LabTech says:

    Every time I see or hear speeches or actions like this, I remember that
    famous line from George Wallace ‘I say segregation now, segregation
    tomorrow, segregation forever’.
    They’re positions to have because at this brief moment in history they seem
    like advantageous positions to have, but it’s doubtful it’s an actual
    deeply held belief amongst men like Jindal.
    Men like Wallace and Jindal think they’re being savvy, but in fact they’re
    being shockingly naïve when it comes to things like legacy and perception.
    Yeah, for this one moment, it might be vaguely smart to say things like
    this, but everything you say is recorded and archived, and the history
    books are going to show for all time how you stood against freedom and
    rights, and stood against the obvious flow of history.
    So yeah, capitalize on short-term victories while you can, all you’re doing
    is writing the epitaph of your political careers, and all their names will
    go up on the list of historical fools alongside Wallace, but at least
    Wallace had the decency and sense to apologize for his words and actions; I
    doubt this modern crop of political bigots will ever be that contrite.

  6. No Way says:

    John Schnatter, the CEO of Papa John’s, has just announced that Papa John’s
    is against gay pizza. They will no longer be serving the *extra sausage*

  7. Militant Anti-theist says:

    I don’t know who Bobby Jindal is, and neither does the rest of the world.

  8. HandUpManUp says:

    Why is it the only people that have the balls to stand their ground against
    bullying tactics are right wingers, even if their stance is bigoted
    therefore wrong. 

  9. Tallacus says:

    So what homophobes like him are so done, good bye bigots let the door hit
    you on the way out 

  10. Derek C says:


  11. StarFighters76 says:

    For fuck sakes, its just two consenting people wanting to be married that
    just happens to be of the same sex. Why must so many right winger pussies
    have to be such drama queens about it?

  12. dcaseng says:

    It’s amazing how a party that represents so few, can get the support of so
    Who the fuck is still voting Republican in today’s day and age?
    Republicans hate minorities, poor people, middle class people, gay people,
    any people who are a different religion than Christian or Catholic, and
    anybody who isn’t a member of the NRA.
    How the fuck do people keep voting against their best interests?

  13. Jaccobtw says:

    I wonder if TYT even reads the comments. If so, Hi :)

  14. Daeron II Targaryen says:

    When will this fool Piyush Jindal learn that these Republicans will never
    accept him.
    He can go after gays or anyone else as much as he likes but that will never
    wash the brown of his skin in their eyes.

  15. eatmorenachos says:

    If “Kenneth the page” doesn’t like gay marriage, he doesn’t have to have
    one. He also doesn’t have to be president.

  16. Le Kanraposte says:

    100 years ago, they justified SLAVERY as a *religious freedom thing*. How
    short memory these retarded conservatives have.

  17. takanara7 says:

    It wasn’t “just” the walk that killed him. It was his whole speech. He
    sounded like a retarded redneck trying to teach kindergarden.

  18. iWuvHuskys says:

    Damn straight he’s disliked in Louisiana, that’s where I’m from and I hate

  19. D3MON SOUL says:

    I’m an atheist and I don’t like gay people. I’m not saying they shouldn’t
    have rights because they’re people after all but they’re not normal.
    Transgender people are nasty btw.

  20. silat13 says:

    Piyush is obviously just another selfhating closeted grifter conservative
    lashing out at gays because he hates himself.

  21. Thor Jonsson says:

    TYT needs to cover Noam Chomsky, he’s been ignored by mainstream media for
    decades, it would be nice to see you guys give one of our great thinkers a

  22. Riccy R says:

    “GAY BULLIES” Errr haven’t Christians been killing gay people for over a
    thousand years and now they call gay people the bully for wanting equality?
    Seriously is Christianity the devils religion or something? It’s just so

  23. DeeDa Ak says:

    Gays have nothing to do except sucking each others dick 

  24. Kyle Pounds says:

    he’s half retarded is the problem. he got elected as the colored republican
    like sarah palin got nominated for being a pretty woman, and they didn’t
    vet him enough. whoops…

  25. Aneesh Sompalli says:

    At this point, I don’t think anyone in the country likes Bobby Jindal. I
    remember when he first became governor, a lot of Indian Americans were
    proud to have one of their own in such a high office. But he completely ran
    from his heritage and tried to whitewash himself; how’d that work out for
    you Piyush? This guy is a disgrace in every sense of the word.


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